My Own Remedies

So I’ve been trying to clear up the mastitis and clogged milk ducts since Sunday.  So far only my fever has gone away.  My milk is still WAY clogged.  I get 5-7 oz on the left and only 2 oz on the right.  I have tried everything!

  • Warm, wet compresses
  • Massages
  • Cabbage leaves in my bra (I felt like a walking salad … afraid of being attached by hungry rabbits)
  • Taking Lecithin supplements (have no idea what it is but the lactation specialist recommended it)
  • Upgrading my pump to the hospital brand
  • Pumping more frequently

Nothing is working!!!  So I’ve come up with a few remedies of my own.

  • She-ot-zoo massage
  • One of those ultrasonic things they use to break up kidney stones
  • Boobie Drain-o – Just start an IV and let it run!

Anyone else have any ideas for a fix?  I’m getting all flustered.  It was working out so well and now I’m all bent out of shape that I might be going down the same path I did with Jaden.  For now I’ll just keep praying to the TaTa Gods.  I wonder if they take offerings or bribes …

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  1. I heard that the amish use apple cidar vinegar and add it to apple juice and drink it….not sure if that’s up your alley or not?

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