1st Photo Shoot

I thought that yesterday was the perfect day for our first photo shoot at home!  At their 8am feeding, I went down the line (starting with Logan).  Changed the diaper, dressed them in the outfit, bottle, then in the car seat.  Did the same with Owen and then Weston.  However, we ran into a glitch when changing Weston’s diaper.  He pooped EVERYWHERE!  Out the side of his diaper and on his Hulk onsie.  Ahhh!  I wanted to get the pictures before I washed the outfit just in case the iron on didn’t come out as crisp.  So I chose a blanket I didn’t mind washing and the photo shoot went on, only a little rushed 🙂

Superman = Owen

Flash = Logan

Hulk = Weston

Outfits courtesy of Abby!

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