1 Month Baby Update

Interesting story about Jaden.  On the bus ride back from Willow Springs, Jaden got really hot.  So he decided to take off his snow pants … however more than just his snow pants came off!  Jaden found himself down to his undies!  My little Jaden didn’t seem phased …  He just said “but Mom I was hot!  I had to take them off!”  Not the least bit embarrassed.  Oh my…

He also made a Family Portrait at school.  I love how I’m a blonde and have no pants.  Ok I think it’s a dress … but it’s officially short!

Triplets had their check up on Friday.  Owen is still the chunky monkey of the group and Weston is my little runt.  We can start to increase their feedings during the day and just let them sleep at night.  Before we were having to feed them every 4 hours religiously.  Last night was pretty good.  They slept for 6 hours straight!  I get a good hunk of sleep.  The only issue is my tatas pay for it when I wake up!  I pumped over 15 oz when I woke up!  A normal pump these days is 7 oz.  Getting the three of these babes to the doc is an accomplishment!  The stroller takes up the entire room!  I don’t know how I’d do it on my own.  But the thought of not being able to do it alone, makes me really want to find a way!  Just my independence speaking up.

Doug and I go down the line undressing each baby and getting them on the scale.  Then we wrap them in a blankie and put them in their car seat until Dr. Pikna comes in.  When we put Logan down … he was calling someone or something … HEEELLLLLLLOOOOOO!!

My tatas are doing much better these days.  Tomorrow is my last day of the antibiotics.  I’m a little nervous but hope that the infection doesn’t come back or start again.  I just need to massage a lot and regularly.  I do feel weird about massaging under my hooter hider.  Looks like someone is going to town underneath my cover up!

I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner…ok 2 weeks but it seems like it’s coming fast.  It feels like Thanksgiving was just last week!  I baked my first batch of Christmas cookies last night.  Hot Cocoa and Marshmallow cookies.  They turned out pretty good … but really big!  We could have made them smaller.  I know what you’re thinking Sarah!  But the recipe called for a tablespoon of dough!  haha

Photo shoot on Thursday went REALLY well.  Jen was great with the babes and the boys really cooperated.  I now have to narrow down 212 photos to just 30.  I haven’t started my list but I think I should start … it might take me a while!  For more images by Jen see her website:  http://jwfotography.net The photo shoot made me really excited to buy my digital SLR camera!  I started more research and I’m really hoping to have one picked out by Christmas!

And for your viewing pleasure … here are some photos from the first bath session at home!  Don’t worry I left the “parts” pictures out!  Figured the boys would never forgive me for that 🙂  During our photo shoot Jen had a hard time hiding Mr Winkie … just kept poking out!  I think Doug is secretly pretty proud of that!


Owen – foot strategically placed


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