It’s Official …

I’ve officially resigned from Kohl’s.  I know it’s been a long time coming but it’s so weird that it’s actually done.  Mom watched the little boys while I went to meet with Christy (my boss).  When I pulled into the parking lot my heart started to race.  It was so weird walking into the building again.  Funny since I’ve done it almost everyday for the past four years!

Do you know who got on the elevator??  My #1 fan, Viv!  She was getting on with her friends and it only took her 10 seconds before she recognized me!  There was screaming and shreeks and hugs. (For those of you who don’t know Viv from the 6th floor … she is … well … sort of my stalker.  She found out I was having triplets and has been VERY interested in me ever since.  I’m usually greeted with hugs and lots of questions.  She’s a cute grandma sort of person, but she can be kind of overwhelming.)   I shared some photos with her and she wished me luck.

I didn’t make it far onto the floor before being spotted and stopped for all kinds of updates.  It was really great to see everyone again.  I missed the people who I work with!  They were disappointed that I didn’t bring in the boys, but understood with the cold weather.  I promise I’m going to bring them in after the New Year.  It’s really hard for me not to bring them in … but I know it’s best for them so they don’t get sick.

When I gave Christy the news of me not coming back, she wasn’t all that surprised.  She said she wished there was a way I could come back, but understands.

It’s just so crazy to think what a HUGE change my life has undergone over the past year.  This time last year, Doug and I were just married and we were still settling into our new house.  I was very into my career and wanted to prove I was deserving of a change of responsibility.  Jaden was an only child and went all day at Kohl’s daycare.  Now to think he’s in 4K, on his way to kindergarten, has 3 brothers and will be home all day with me during the summer!

I’m excited to be a stay-at-home mom.  I think what makes me nervous is having Jaden and the babies together at home.  I’d be a pro with having one or the other, but the two together is frightening.  Both need a lot of attention in two very different ways.  We’ll find a way to get it to work, just might be an interesting transition.  To add to it, I’ve got to get Jaden to the bus stop each morning at 8:23am and be there at 11:23 am to pick him up starting after the New Year.  I sure hope feedings don’t land around that time!  I guess I’m guaranteed to get out of the house every day … haha!

Last night we went to Doug’s company kid’s Christmas party.  Jaden got to sit on Santa’s lap and received a Wii!  I think Jaden loves it and was super excited to start playing right when we got home.  I also had the chance to meet a few of Doug’s coworkers AND get lost in Richfield.  Doug said to take the first right … ummm it was the 4th right!  Slight difference.  🙂

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