Gingerbread Casas – Some Assembly Required

The day for me to go somewhere on my own with the kids arrived.  Every year we have a cousin Christmas get together at my moms.  The same afternoon I had my six-week follow-up appointment.  It didn’t make sense for me to drive out there for my appointment, back into Sussex to pick up the kids and back to Waukesha again for the party.  So, I decided it made “sense” to bring the babies with me to my doc appointment.   I put on my big girl pants, packed up all four kids and headed into Waukesha for an afternoon doc appointment and an evening of cousins. I don’t know who was more nervous, me or Doug!  Before leaving, Doug gave Jaden the talk that he needed to be a big helper since I was on my own, and boy was he!

It was the little things that helped out a lot.  For example, I didn’t think thru how I was going to load the stroller because, the genius who invented the Triple Decker stroller decided that it didn’t need brakes!  Probably because no sane person would go out in public alone with three infants haha!  The no brake issue hasn’t been a problem before since it’s always been Doug and I, but when you are alone in a parking structure it can be a little interesting.  Jaden stepped in and helped out though!

Mom met us in the waiting room to help watch Jaden while I had my appointment.  There was just enough room to wheel in the stroller … no turns or maneuvering was allowed.  Nurses had to come to us to get a peek.  When I went down the line unzipping the kid’s car seat covers, I discovered a Batman comic book in Logan’s car seat!  Big brother packed it for him so he could read … ha  And Jaden continues to see what he can get away with!

After the doctor I had some hats, clothes and a Christmas card to drop off at the NICU.  All the ladies were so excited to see the boys!  We caused quite the back up in front of the NICU, but they were so happy to see them it was TOTALLY worth it!  The double pom pom hats I made for the boys.  While I had made two to donate, I think I’ll have to keep making them!  It was about a three hour adventure, but we made all of our stops and back into the car safely.  Next stop, YaYa’s house!

The past few cousin get-togethers we’ve made sugar cookies, but this year we thought it would be fun to have a gingerbread house competition.  Mom even googled to find a house that Jaden would be able to touch, decorate and eat!  It’s all Jaden could talk about for a week and a half!

We divide into three teams: girl, boys and me/Jaden.  We open up the box to Jaden’s house and wouldn’t you know … it’s not assembled!  The other two kits were ready to decorate.  How do you tell Jaden we can’t decorate it tonight?  Simple, you don’t! I make the frosting and set to work right away, keeping him occupied with occasional squirts of frosting in his mouth.  I get all four walls up – no problem!  When the first side of the roof goes up it gets a little tricky … it slides one way, and then the other.  What a disaster!  But no to fear, Jaden has happy as a clam as long as he could keep eating the candies!  I finally gave up … Jaden didn’t seem to care.  Rather than a ginger bread house to decorate, we had a gingerbread pile!  I think we won the competition hands down!

Now all hyped up on sugar, we loaded all the kids for the ride home.  Jaden crashed from his sugar high before we even made it to the freeway.  The first outing alone with the four kids was a success!  I think I could do it again … well maybe not any time too soon, but definitely again some time.

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