Christmas Day 2010

Jaden woke us up nice and early!  So excited to open presents!  It was sort of nice cuz he woke us up before the babies woke up for their breakfast.  The three of us were able to open up gifts and I could fully focus on Jaden.

Santa brought gifts for all the kids, but Jaden had no interest in opening up the baby’s gifts.

Mom andDad Bissing were going to be down at 2pm but Eric and Sherri came over at 10am.  I made a brunch for us.  I’d never had Monkey Bread before but heard how easy and delicious it was.  OMG there are not words to explain how fantastic it is!  I think we have a newly added tradition – not to replace the Breakfast Casserole of course!

Who is having more fun – Eric or Jaden?

Another outfit a la Rachael!  Weston (middle) looks like he is up to no good!  Plotting against the world …

and now he’s pissed!

Opening up gifts from Grandma and Grandpa – Jaden got 17 POUNDS of Moon Dough! Ahh haha  Jaden loves the stuff but Doug HATES it.  Let’s be honest, it makes a HUGE mess.  I think I sweep up more of it than put it back in the container.  We sent the boys down to the basement to watch a movie while Jaden, Laura and I played with it on the dining room floor.  Wow-wee did we make a mess but Jaden had so much fun!  AND I made sure to have it all picked up before Doug could catch us.  Not even a picture to incriminate us!

Proud Grandpa

Look at all that food!  We pigged out for two days straight!

Does this capture Doug’s booming laugh or what?

This picture looks like Jaden is having fun in the shower – WRONG!  I believe he is yelling at me that I was using the wrong camera.  He wanted me to take video and not still pictures.  That kid was whining and crying the whole time.  He was itchy, spoiled and over tired!  Pretty awesome picture tho!

Day after Christmas – everyone came back over for lunch and an afternoon of hanging out.  Mom and Sherri went right for the babies  🙂

Notice the leftover Monkey Bread on the counter – not much left.  That’s because I inhaled it the night before giving me guy rot in the middle of the night!  I don’t think I’ve eaten myself sick since I was a kid.  Embarrassing …

Jaden got to playing Wii – what a game face.  That kid takes it so seriously!

All three girls right after a feeding.  On Christmas day every time Laura held, touched or even looked at baby they seemed to loose it and cry – poor Laura!  The next day was MUCH better!  Logan looks pretty darn happy snuggling in Laura’s tata’s – atta boy!

It was a great Bissing two days!  LOTS of loud laughing and joking.  I found out how small my house really is 🙂  But then again no matter where we have our get togethers I think it would always be loud.  I honestly had so much fun.  How did I get to be so lucky – triplets AND amazing in-laws?  Dang!

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