Christmas Eve 2010

First Christmas as a family of six!  We usually spend Christmas day with my family – but since we weren’t going to be able make it to GB this year, we spent Christmas Eve with my family and Doug’s family came down for Christmas day.  We got to Mom’s right away in the morning after we got all the kid-os packed up.  I tried to think of everything we could possibly need for a day long visit.  We had three bags for just the babies!  One for my pump and bottles, one for diapers and such and one for extra clothes.  I might have over done it a tad, but I wanted to be sure I didn’t forget anything!  I think the day is best told in pictures (taken with my new Nikon D90 of course!)

Breakfast casserole … I LIVE for this Christmas breakfast tradition.  I think we’ve been having this for breakfast since I was in middle school – that would be since 1997!  A thirteen year tradition.

The feeding party!  Takes an army to feed the Bissing boys!  Uncle Jake – looking like a pro!

Do you SEE that bald spot!  It’s huge!  And Owen is the only one that has one.  Is his head shaped that differently from his brothers?  I know that babies loose their hair a lot of the time from laying in their cribs but dang! It kind of reminds me of the bald spot I got from being in the hospital after my car accident … only my head is a lot bigger than Owen’s and my spot was a lot smaller.

Drunk on milk …

Super Weston to the rescue!   Doesn’t his bib look like a superman cape?

Jaden got Snail’s Pace Race – the game where no one wins.  Now what kind of game is that … honestly?  No one wins?  Why bother playing?  But my Jaden LOVES the game!

Jaden is so excited to open up presents from his Emily!

He opens a Spiderman puzzle and slams is against his head – “I already have this one!” he says!  We are still working on the present opening manners.  We sort of got the hang of it after a while.  He opened a deck of cards from YaYa and Pa and mumbled.  When I said “Jaden …”  he perked up right away and said “Thank you” is his nicest voice.  What a stinker!  At least he shows signs of being trained.

A while later, he opened a box of PJs, a coat and a fleece from YaYa and Pa.  He rolls his eyes and goes “oh man … you spent too much money on me!”  Does that sound like anyone you know?  DOUG!  Like father like son!  The best part?  We got it on tape!

Emily meets the babies!

Mama holding all three.

Family shot – Jaden KNOWS he’s the cool older brother in this one!

TiTi bought the triplets a Christmas outfit – picture doesn’t show it but the sleepers say “Auntie’s nice list”.

Owen (left) is flexing his muscles for all the pretty ladies!  Check out that double chin!

The whole family!  I learned how to set my timer for this one!

YaYa told Jaden the Christmas story and about baby Jesus.  Jaden later told me how “the angel said do not be afraid.”  It amazes me how Jaden has a natural interest in Jesus.

Dad’s famous grasshoppers.  If you haven’t had one of my dad’s grasshoppers then you have not had a real grasshopper!  These have been apart of my Christmas Eve memories since … well … forever.  In fact dad used to make a kid’s one (non-alcoholic) when we were younger.  One year he got creative and made them red (turned out to be more pink).  It was that year I found out he didn’t even put mint in kid’s ones!  Are you kidding me?  I had been eating them for YEARS and had always thought they were minty.  Then to top it off, Rachael told me it was Miss Piggy puke (since it was a pink color that year).  Ruined the whole thing for me.  I couldn’t finish mine.  Now I get to have the adult ones tho … and I KNOW those ones have mint in them!

Our kid’s gift exchange – boys vs girls.  Doug and Jake ended up trading gift cards to Game Stop!  They are so original!  I, on the other hand, got trifty and made Rachael a bunch of “head accessories”.  I made her a bunch of headbands and clips with flowers and such.  Rachael got me a few kitchen gadgets.  You know you are getting old when you enjoy getting kitchen gadgets as gifts!  She also got me this amazing coffee mug, a scarf with hood and mittens!  She didn’t like the plain black gloves I was wearing from the Dollar Store.  You know the stretchy kind we wore as kids?  Yea … Rachael has always been cooler than me.

Nada and Lindsey came over to see the babies too (and have a beer).  What a combo – beer and babies!  My two favorite “B”s!

When we got home Jaden put out cookies and milk for Santa.  We fed the babies and all got a good night sleep.  It was a great first Christmas with the babies!  Next year will be a whole new story – hoping we make it up to GB for Great Grandma Van’s celebration.

Love, Mel


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