Who wants to cuddle?

I’m the lucky mama of four cuddling boys!  They all like to snuggle and cuddle up.  The only predicament is when they all want to cuddle at the same time!  Here are a few photos of our recent cuddling 🙂

This night, all of the kids were crying – at once!  It was like a shreeking choir.  Jaden even woke up at one point and was crying because he was so itchy.  This was multi-tasking at its finest.

Jaden loves to cuddle with his brothers while watching TV.  He likes to hold two at a time because “he’s the big brother.”

I think Jaden got a little jealous of my cuddle time with Logan.  So he climbed on up with us.  I was in boy heaven for the 45 mins or so that Jaden cuddled with us!

Um … those faces are adorable.  Now that they are awake some times, it’s harder to get them all to look in one direction at once.  I took about 25 photos and this was the best shot I got!  Not sure what Logan (left) is looking at, Weston (center) is so excited about something off to the left and Owen (right) isn’t sure what he’s looking at.

And of course, Jaden had to get in on the photo session and hold his brothers.  We are still working on the holding up the head part ….  ps Check out Owen (far right).

Is Jaden hugging his brother’s head or trying to pop it off?

All of us laying on the bed together.  Not enough arms to go around but we had fun!

The babes are 8 weeks old already!  I hope they love to cuddle with their mama when they are 8 months, 8 years and 18 years old!  At least if one of the boys doesn’t want to cuddle with their mama, there are three others who might want to!

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