A Jaden Cheese Story

This Jaden story needs a little background …

After school Jaden, YaYa and I were playing with Moon Dough at the table.  The orange container has a mouse and cheese mold on the lid.  While mom and I are chatting I was making a bunch of Moon Dough cheese.  I look over and Jaden has a pair of scissors and I announce that “Jaden is cutting the cheese!”  All I got was a confused look.  So I, in my greatest teacher moment, go on to explain that cutting the cheese means to fart.  THEN I got the giggle I was expecting!!

I thought we talked about cheese a lot in our house with all of Doug’s facts … now we talk about cheese even more – thank you to “school a la mom”!  Sesame Street has the letter of the day, I teach a saying of the day.  I’m not sure which is worse tho … the saying of the day or this t-shirt!

Now the moral of this posting …

Jaden announced yesterday that his brother cut the cheese.  Trying to turn it into an educational moment I ask him “what kind of cheese did the baby cut?”  Without missing a beat he said macaroni.  Doug and I almost died!


It’s times like this I wish our house had security cameras (like a store) so these moments were captured on video.  Oh the fun I would have with those videos when the boys bring home their girlfriends!

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