Gifts for a Baby Girl

One of the disadvantages of being a Bissing boy is that you still need to help model Mom’s girl creations.  A good friend of mine is having a girl and I wanted to make her something special … so I made some head accessories for her.  A bear hat .. with a flower of course!  Jaden was really jealous that I was making someone else a bear hat so he made me promise that I’d make him a bear hat too.  In fact, if I don’t have brown yarn in my hand, he gets upset and asks me where his hat is.  I think he’s hungry for a little attention these days … I wonder why?  haha

Then I made some headbands with big … no wait HUGE flowers!  First was pink … lots of pink!  I think the flower is bigger than Owen’s head!

Now Moushie isn’t a girly girl and I wasn’t sure how she’d feel about all the pink … so I also made her a black one too.

And the best part?  They are interchangeable!  You can wear the black flower on the pink headband or the pink flower on the white headband and so forth.  Since I don’t have any girls of my own I think I went nuts, but it was so much fun!

Doug is probably going to give me a hard time about dressing up Owen in girl stuff and then posting it to the web.  But they are just babies … besides it’s GREAT amo for when he has girl friends!  That’s what a good mom is supposed to do, right?

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