2 Months Old

My little buggers are 2 months old!  We had our doc wellness visit this week … what an adventure!  This was the first appointment that Jaden was coming with.  I made the appointment in the afternoon so that Mom could come and be a second pair of hands.  Yeah … it still wasn’t enough.  Lesson learned:  Jaden stays home for the triplet doc appointments.  He wasn’t being naughty … just being Jaden.  Asking 1000 questions, playing with the stethoscope, going through drawers when the nurse was out of the room, asking to visit the fish in the waiting room 86,395 times, etc.  Love the little guy, but we need to work on the sit still and quiet skills.  I thought I was going to self combust at one point!

On the brighter side, the threelets are really healthy!  Logan and Owen have broken 9 lbs and Weston is a little behind them at just under 8 lbs.  It was also vaccination time.  The little dudes got THREE shots!  Can someone please figure out how to combine all vaccinations into one shot?  Then let me know and I’ll buy stock in it?!?  Weston shared his feelings before the shots:

When we were done at the doc office, we all needed a little treat so we stopped at McDonalds.  I got a fruit smoothie and Jaden got his juicy, plain, grilled chicken breast.  Funny how a little fast food can make up for a whole lot of stress!  When we got home, my original plan was to take the triplet’s two month pictures, but I was pooped out!  So we did it in the morning the follow day.

Owen cracks me up in this one!

Pudgy bunny!

The second week of Jaden at home is complete!  It was a little easier than last week, but still a little rough.  Next week will go better I have faith!  I have found that I need to leave the house about every other day, even if it’s just to go grocery shopping.  But knowing this ahead of time is so helpful because it seems less like I’m running away … and I don’t have to break before I find something to do.  I’ll have to wear my big girl pants next week – no school on Thursday and Friday!  I’ll have to make sure they get in the wash this weekend as I wore them a lot this weekend 🙂 haha

This weekend we’ll be making the drive to GB for a day visit on Sunday.  Looking forward for the great grandmas to meet the little boogers!  I’m also REALLY looking forward to getting out of the house as a family.  Should be a good time!

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