Bath Time!

The babes were STINKY so mom and I planned to do baths.  Jaden wanted to help … so I suggested he jump in the tub with them.  He got upset and said “I’m not a baby – I don’t take baths – I take showers!”  I tried to convince him that he could do both, but was unsuccessful.  Jaden said he needed to get something and would be right back.   He comes running back into the bathroom – strikes a pose and hollers “OH yeah!”  He was butt naked!!!  I guess he changed his mind and wanted to jump in the bathtub.  🙂

I got Logan out of the tub, dried off and dressed.  When I came back in – this is what I found:

Big brother even help washed his brother!

After him throwing a fit of not wanted to get in the bathtub, I couldn’t get him out!  Typical kid, right?  Jaden played in the water – “having his swimming lessons” – for another 30 mins or so!  He laid on his back, ears in the water, looking up at the ceiling for quite a bit.  AND I even got him to hold his breath under water.  Seriously Jaden?  This comes from the kid who SCREAMED when I tried to get him to go into the swimming pool at the lake house.  I mean complete fit – claw marks on my back – sobbing hysterics!  Now the kid is a fish.  I really hope this lasts until this summer at the lake house.  I can imagine this time I’m going to be begging him to get OUT of the pool rather than in 🙂

The lake house came up last night too!  Abby and Sarah came over for a fun night of baby holding, wii playing and snack eating!  I randomly think of things I’ll get to do this year that I had to miss out on being pregnant.  Like taking an evening swim in the lake while drinking a few brewskis.  The pier doesn’t have a ladder, so you had to pull yourself out of the water – which was impossible for me being so pregnant.  Yep that’s right – I couldn’t swim in the lake because I would be stuck in the lake!  This summer will be different – after feeding three babies cereal I’ll be washing them in the lake!

Here are a few photos from last year … small blast from the past!

And here is a sneak peek of what I’ll look like at the 2011 lake house extravaganza!  I know I’ll be smiling … but not sure if I’ll have hair by then!

I love my kids and I love you!

Love, Mel

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