I am a 9GAG Addict!

I have a new obsession … it’s a website 9GAG.com It has the most random stuff posted and I find myself laughing out loud.  Makes me feel like a real winner when I realize I’m hooked up to a pump like a cow in the house by myself, and laughing out loud.  Here are a few of my favorites.

I’m good with either Pepsi or Coke .. I don’t judge.  Still this cracks me up!

This one is near and dear to my heart … literally.

I found this one last night.  I didn’t know Jaden had the remote this morning – so you can imagine my face when the channel suddenly changed this morning! When you can’t find the remote you may have been visited by this guy!

Time to get Jaden from the bus stop!  I actually convinced the bus driver yesterday to drop him off right in front of the house!  He keeps falling asleep on the bus ride home.  So when I wake him up, he doesn’t want to walk and I end up carrying him all the way home from the bus stop.  Yesterday I finally got up the nerve and just asked if she would be willing to stop earlier down the road since he was the only one at that stop.  She was more than happy to help!  Hallelujah!  Now if we can only get Jaden to take a nap when he gets home, maybe he won’t fall asleep on the bus!

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