Proud to be a Mama

I was reminded of how special it is to be a mom this morning.  We started out the day with the usual chaos … Jaden not being able to decide what he wants for breakfast, all of the triplets wanting to be fed at once, Jaden climbing on my lap while I’m trying to pump, and my overwhelming need for coffee growing!

It just so happens that today is also Pajama day at school.  Picture Jaden jumping around in his Iron Man jammies.  We had to pick out one … not two – not ten … one stuffed animal to share.  I was actually pretty impressed that Jaden only went thru three before making his selection … a ragged bunny.  Of all the stuffed animals – Curious George, an adorable leopard, cookie monster – he chose a small bunny that we won at some carnival.  He was happy with it and we were running out of time so it went in the backpack.

Then the struggle of getting dressed in our outdoor gear.  It took me three times of asking him directly, two threats to turn off the TV and we were FINALLY dressed.  Only, he didn’t want to wear his gloves.  “Fine” I said … but I was carrying my coffee mug so I wouldn’t be able to help him put them on outside.  He reassured me that he did not want his gloves on and he wanted to put his hands in his pockets.  Again, we were running out of time so away we went!

Right as we step outside and I close the door behind us, that’s when I start to love taking Jaden to the bus stop.  Our walks are filled with crazy stories from Jaden and discussions on what we plan to do when he gets home from school.  When we get to the bus stop (only two driveways down) we are greeted by our new neighbor friends.

Of course, just after arriving, Jaden wants his gloves on.  I remind him that I said I wouldn’t be able to help and he’ll have to try himself.  He tried … really tried and just couldn’t do it.  He started to get upset – I didn’t want him to break down in front of his new friends so I put my coffee down in the road and kneeled down to help him.  Just as I got the second glove on, the bus rounded the corner.  The neighbor kids lined up, ready to board the bus … and here is where my most favorite part of my morning happens….

Jaden gave me a huge hug and kiss – right on the lips!  My heart melts as I am totally aware that the bus driver and the other kids are watching.  Jaden starts to climb the bus stairs, turns around on the second stair and blows me more kisses – rapid fire!  Gosh … I melt.  Oozing inside with love and of course being a proud mama.

So I spend my morning missing Jaden and anticipating him getting home from school.  I usually get out to the bus stop too early … I’m so nervous I’ll miss the bus so I end up standing out there like a moron.  I wonder what the neighbors or the cars that drive by think I’m doing … a grown adult just standing on the side of the road with a cup of coffee in her hand.  Freak!  When the bus comes – Jaden is sleeping on the bus so I have to climb aboard and wake him up.

Then reality sets in … and all sanity breaks loose and we REALLY begin our day.  Jaden is such a goofy, funny kid – I want to find a way to channel his energy into something positive.  The phone actually just ran – it was the library.  The Love and Logic book I put on hold is in!  Things are going to change around here!  Maybe I’ll feel all ooey and gooey inside all day long … haha yeah right!

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