Adventure #1 – Chuck E Cheese

Jaden doesn’t have school on Thursday or Friday this week.  In an attempt to save my sanity this week, YaYa and I planned a few adventures to get Jaden out of the house.  First up … Check E Chesses!

Here is Jaden on Thursday morning … he wanted to cuddle with his brother while watching cartoons.  He had his arm around Owen and was telling him all about what was going on in the cartoon.

Jaden was holding Owen’s had … so precious!

The morning got rough from there … Jaden wanted to play a game on my computer.  I thought it would help keep Jaden occupied while I got a few chores done and got the boys packed for our adventure.  Boy was I fooled!  The computer game turned into 86,000 questions and Jaden saying “Mom, can you help me?”  “Mom, watch this” “Mom you try it?” “mom” “Mom” “MOM”!  Ahhh!  Then, when I didn’t respond fast enough, it was a fit.  Needless to say, he didn’t really deserve a outting, but I needed it!  It’s got to be so hard for him … used to having all of my attention, and now having to fight for it.  I’m really trying to spend one on one time with him, but there are only so many mins in the day (when all the babies aren’t crying at once). 

When we got to Check E Chesses I got a little stressed out when the car seats weren’t going into the stroller nice. Mom ended up carrying one of the seats in and we got them all put on right in the place.  Phew.  Once all the babies were in their right spot and Jaden was settled, I felt 1,000 times better!

YaYa took Jaden to order some food for lunch .  He looked at the gentleman at the counter and bolding asked “what’s your name?”.  I think it was love at first sight.  Jaden and Ryan were bonded from that moment on.  Ryan came over to check on us.  Jaden looks up at him and sadly says “I’m all out of tokens … so I have to eat my lunch now”.  Ryan leaves and comes back with more tokens for Jaden!  Then they were talking about his lunch and Jaden says that he has allergies.  After learning what he was all allergic to, Ryan tried to give Jaden cotton candy .. but it had soy in it.  So he comes back with a BALL instead!  Now Jaden was getting spoiled!  It was just so cute how Ryan took a liking to him … two buddies!

It was time to head home … and Jaden had one more token to use.  He walked over to play a game.  when he was taking so long, I went around the corner to find him.  I found Jaden standing there , staring at the game, bugged eyes and mouth wide open and the tickets just pouring out on the floor.  the kid won the 50 ticket jackpot on the flying pig game!  It was the greatest look on his face.  He was SO excited!  Funny house little so many tickets will buy you.  We ended up with a pretty cool super hero dart board.  Not too bad for a 4-year-old!

Overall the adventure was a success!  We had lots of fun stories to tell Doug when he got home from work.  And what does Jaden want to do?  Cuddle with his baby again.  Here’s another shot of Jaden watching his shows with Owen when we got home.  Funny how one minute Jaden can cuddle up so nice and the next he is putting blueberries in their faces or trying to sit on them.  Oh Jaden … still trying to adjust  🙂

Adventure #2 for the week?  Going to YaYa’s for the day!

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