Dear Cheese,

Dear Cheese,

I’m going to miss you … but this isn’t a good bye, it’s an “until later.”  We need to take a break.  Lately I feel like you have been upsetting everyone around you – mainly Logan.  He spits up and his face is all broken out.  I know what you’re saying – it’s Winter’s fault.  But I just don’t buy it.  The only way to know who is telling the truth is to take a break for a while.  If the kids start to feel better, then we’ll know it was you.  And if not, then our break won’t have to last that long.

This is going to be hard for me too – in fact, I think it’s going to torture me not to see you.  We’ll always have the memories of our lunch dates of grilled cheese and mac’n’cheese.  Oh and our romantic Italian dinners – you (cheese) me and pasta were such a great three-some!  It’ll be hard not to think of you at every meal … or every time I eat for that matter.

I think it’s best I don’t see your family either – milk and butter.  Not only do they remind me of you but they are upsetting the babies too.  It’s hard for me to remember them … I often forget to check if they are in food before diving in.  But the truth is – seeing them is just as hard for the threelets as it is seeing you.

You are everywhere I look in the kitchen.  It’s hard to do or eat anything without seeing you there.  Please know that I’m not replacing you when new food, I just can’t bear to see you in the cabinet and know that I can’t have you.  I know you are jealous of Silk but I only see her because my coffee is lonely without your cousin creamer.  When this experiment is over, cousin creamer can have her spot back with my morning coffee.    Between you and me, Silk doesn’t even COMPARE to your cousin creamer.  She is truly missed.

I hope this helps answer why I’ve been so distant.  Cheese – I love you!  I miss you already.  Just remember that this isn’t goodbye for good – just until we find out what’s going on with the triplets.

Love, Melissa

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