Baby A-B-C Photo Shoot

All during the pregnancy, the triplets were called Baby A, Baby B and Baby C.  My sister made some cute onsies with the same names!  We had a photo shoot with them this week.

Logan = Baby A

Owen = Baby B

Weston = Baby C

Weston’s SuperBaby pose (above)

I wonder what all the babies are looking at to the left … Apparently I’m not all that fun since I couldn’t get them to look at me to save my soul!

Ahhh haha Owen and his buldging eyes!  I think we get one of these faces in every photo shoot!

There were so many feet kicking about and so much grunting.  Got me to giggle out loud, all by myself at times!

This face is a perfect example of why I call him Oh-dee-doh-dee! (above)

When all was said and done, the babes were all back in their seats –  I was sitting there and had an “ah ha” moment.

So many times my life feels surreal – I mean, come on, who has three babies?  It becomes motions – just doing the same thing over and over again.  And every once in a while, I have these moments where it feels so real.  Where I can feel how important my job is – raising THREE lives at once.  Raising four boys (including Jaden) to be good men, to love their wifes (or husband), to love the earth and to love others.  They all depend on me.

They all will look to me for guidance and encouragement.  I’ve got love – plenty of love to give out!  But what I fear is the discipline that they’ll need.  Will I be strong enough to dish it out when they need to learn?  How many moments of “ugly mommy” will I have?  Will they look back on their childhood and think they had a crazy mom or a fantastic mom?  (I hope a little of both)  I’m so lucky to have a childhood where I think my mom was SuperMom – I was the luckiest kid in the whole wide world!  Stop it mom – you were AMAZING!

What I pray for at night is that my kids get to learn who their mom is (or at least who I try to be) – silly, goofy, giving, loving, stubborn.  I want them to look back on their time when mom stayed home with them as so much fun!  I want to do crazy things like turn the upstairs level into a giant fort and leave it up for two days.  I want to do funny things like cut their toast with cookie cutters and surprise them with a new shape each morning.  Do you remember Toaster Strudels?  When getting ready for school, my mom used to surprise my sister and I with a different picture on our strudel each morning!  Sail boats, trees, hearts, her signature ‘cloud face.”  And for the longest time I thought that applesauce was supposed to be served with cinnamon sugar and a cherry on top!

These are the simple gifts that MY mom gave me and I only hope that I can give to my boys!  I love you mom!

Love, Mel

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  1. With a mom like ours you certainly have big shoes to fill! But you had a wonderful example of how to be a ‘super mom.’ What over mom makes allergy free cake and son eat the frosting right from the container!! 😉
    You should know… you are a ‘super mom’ too!
    Besides- you deserve the Mother of the Year Award!!! hehe
    Love you tons!

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