Smiles All Around

It’s so interesting how the triplets are so much alike in some ways and how they are different in others.

For example, they all drink 4.5-5 oz every 3 hours.  However, Logan and Weston do better on my non-dairy diet so Owen gets the frozen stuff (from when I wasn’t on this diary restriction).

Here is how I would describe each of my little guys (this week – since it’s always changing!):

Logan: He is still my fussy guy.  But he’s also the most gassy – always farting and burping.  Because of all of that, he’s also the one that is always in the swing or in my new ‘African’ mom sling.  Modeled on the right by a beautiful blonde whole CLEARLY is not a real mom.  I mean come on – what mom had time to have that great of hair and that teeny tiny little bod?  The fussiness has gotten better since I’ve cut out diary.  It’s only sporadic rather than all of the time.  Logan can spit his nook the longest – we’re talking from one end of his crib to the other!  That’s like 2-3 feet!  When he’s crying it’s sometimes a hunt to find his nook since it’s across the room!

Owen:  just chills – sleeps, eats, burps.  His eyes are SO big and he bugs them out randomly.  CRACKS me up!  I caught him at just the right moment last night (picture below).  His cry is also a little raspy.  Sort of like an old man smoker.  But the doc said that could be because of the acid reflux – it’s gotten a little better since we started the meds.  But I can still tell when he’s the one crying.  Oh and when he cries – this boy has the BIGGEST pouty lip.  Your heart just breaks when this kid cries – he looks so darn sad.  Owen has a not-so-secret love affair with his nook.  You put it in his mouth and his eyes around rolling and he just starts sucking away.  Owen also does the best at keeping it in his mouth rather than spitting it out every 45 seconds like his brothers.

Weston: is wormy – his flails his arms and legs all over the place.  He’s constantly moving.  Just this morning he was crying, so I gave him his nook while I fed one of his brothers.  As soon as he got that nook in his mouth, his legs shot straight up in the air.  Not sure why … but they stayed that way for a while before they lowered very slowly back down.  Weston loves to watch the TV.  He will fuss if his seat isn’t facing SpongeBob in the morning.  Because he likes to watch and study things he was the first one we got to smile at us … ok he smiled at Doug first.  In fact, Doug got all the kids to smile at him first.  Weston is still the slowest eater – takes twice as long to feed him as his brothers sometimes.  He’s getting better with being so messy tho – now at least more than half the milk makes it down!  Doug has named him the booger king.  We are constantly pulling 10 lb boogers out of that poor kids nose.   And he is the biggest burper.  He’ll have three HUGE old man burps in a row.  Makes mama proud!

Last but not least ….

Jaden:  He loves to dance!  Especially when he’s supposed to be doing something else like eat his dinner to go to bed.  Right now we are working on getting him excited to practice writing his letters, specifically his name.  I got him (OK Rachael found it in the Dollar Zone @ Target) a dry erase mat with the alphabet on it.  Jaden loves it and will sit for a whole 15 mins practicing his letters (and in Jaden time – that’s FOREVER!).  He’s all about the cleaning too.  In fact, he was driving me nuts by always wanting to vacuum, so I got him a wireless floor sweeper thing so he can keep himself occupied.  He really loves to play games on the computer.  Still working on the “I can” attitude and getting him to try new things.  He’s just started saying “It’s ok Mommy, I still love you” when I tell him “No” on something.  My Jaden is still a HUGE cuddler and constantly needs to be touching me.  He’s also really into taking bathes with ‘his babies”.  We’ve been able to use it as bribery when trying to get him to eat his dinner.  Jaden loves to be a helper.

So those are my kids in a nutshell.  Things are always changing.  Jaden is always doing something hilarious or running around with no pants on.  How said having four boys was boring?  Wait … no one said that  … they all told me “I have my hands full.” 🙂

Love, Mel

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