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The  Three Times the Fun blog has made the top 40 blogs on!  Thank you to everyone who has voted and especially if you are a regular voter!  In celebration I wanted to write a top 40 list of my own … but let’s be honest, a list of forty is still really long … so here’s a list of 40 randoms from yours truly 🙂

  1. I wish there were 40 hours in the day
  2. We go through forty bottles in two days
  3. Pretty sure I can find 40 owls decorated items – as already determined, I’m obsessed!
  4. Lost 40 lbs in the c-section when delivering the boys
  5. Jaden doesn’t weigh 40 lbs yet … he’s a little guy still!
  6. I’m so hungry all of the time, I could eat 40 cookies in one sitting!
  7. Doug and I found out we were pregnant about 40 weeks ago (boys are 45 weeks gestation) – and three weeks after that we found out we were having THREE babies!
  8. We change 4o diapers in two days
  9. I’m seriously only on #9?  I’m’ running out of steam!  ok enough of the forties …
  10. The triplets are already growing out of some of their clothes – mostly just the newborn stuff.  The 0-3 month stuff still fits.
  11. Jaden is obsessed with taking video with Doug’s Flip – they are sooooo funny but the kid keeps catching me when I’m pumping.  Those videos have been deleted.  I’m waiting for Jaden to figure out how to upload them on YouTube and my tatas will be on display!
  12. Since my diary-free diet, the boys haven’t been spitting up as much.  Good news for them, bad news for me!
  13. Jaden newly loves Dr. Pepper soda
  14. The triplets are getting baptized on Super Bowl Sunday!  Didn’t know the Packer’s would be playing when we chose that date!
  15. I have currently made 9 hats for the NICU with the double pom poms … hoping to make 12 in time for Valentines Day!  I’m thinking I can get ‘er done!
  16. I miss cooking dinner – I want to do that more often.  Just hard to get a shopping list together, go to the store and find time to cook.  Ha!
  17. Making Doug’s work treats are one of the perks of being a stay at home wife!
  18. Jaden still doesn’t like to write his name, I’m trying to find interesting ways to get him excited … so far it’s an epic fail
  19. I really want to take more pictures with the babies in a photo booth – but am thinking we should try other small places … like a closet.  Just for fun.
  20. I could get lost in the dollar store for hours – one of my secret favorite places to bum around
  21. The neighbor stopped me while walking Jaden to the bus stop to ask me if I was the triplet mom.  How the heck did he know that?  I don’t know my neighbors yet – remember my new year’s resolution?
  22. I secretly think the grumpy bus driver in the morning love Jaden – he always smirks when watching Jaden try to climb up the bus stairs
  23. Phew I’m over half way there!
  24. I really hate folding the laundry!  I find it so un-rewarding since I’m just going to unfold it all in a few days when I wear it again.  I wish laundry would just stay un wrinkled in a heap on my floor.
  25. I most always forget to brush my teeth in the morning – terrible right?  I should invent coffee that brushes your teeth …. hmmm I could make millions!
  26. Or perhaps caffeinated toothpaste!
  27. Moms should be given 40 hands when they have a baby
  28. I let Jaden go out in the snow with pjs on under his slow stuff – and I just found out he’s playing at the neighbor’s house – inside!  whoops!
  29. I don’t take the answer No very well
  30. I love to drink wine – I just wish I could drink it without getting sloppy
  31. One day I will go back to Italy
  32. I really need a new hair cut – one that looks ok when air-dried
  33. The babies should be eating cereal around April
  34. Jaden loves to bathe with the babies – I can even use it as bribery sometimes
  35. When shopping this weekend – we bought Jaden a bunch of new clothes
  36. I really hope people keep voting for my blog – makes me feel all good and stuff inside
  37. I wish I spent more time in our newly finished basement
  38. My clothes don’t fit anymore – I actually get to dig out my skinny clothes from the basement!
  39. I hope that Jaden likes to play t-ball because I really like to watch the game being played
  40. I always wish I was a better mom – but then again, who doesn’t?

And there you have it!  40 random thoughts from me as a thank you for all who have voted!

Love you all!


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