Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  The boys and I had a little photo shoot while Jaden was at school.  There are a bunch of just Owen as he was the ‘cooperating’ baby today.

Love Logan’s face in this one!  Arm behind his head like a sexy little man!

Owen (left) Weston (middle) Logan (right)

Owen (left) & Logan (right)

I entitle this one “Love Hurts”  (Logan)

I’m also a huge dork and made Doug Valentines to take to work.  I would have normally made them for Kohl’s – but since I no longer work there I get to have Doug take them to his work!  He was such a good sport (after giving me all kinds of grief of course).

The top:

The bottom:

Into the fridge …

TaDa!!  Tiny looking ice cream cones – complete with cheesey Valentine’s day jokes inside!

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