Triple Threat

A note before we start this post — it’s taken me since last week Monday (2/7) to finish this post! If it wasn’t a baby crying, it was a four-year old crying this week!  But I finished!  Slow and steady wins the race, right?


We had a triple threat Sunday!  The triplets were baptized, Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl and it was an all new Glee!  It was a GREAT day!

We actually made it to church on time (ok 6 mins late).  The boys were whisked away by their godmamas to be dressed.  They were dressed with packer jersey onesies under their little silk tuxes!  We had Rogers, Matthews and Raji!  Raising them as Packer fans early on.  Here are a few pictures of the service.

Uncle Eric actually held a baby … and did a great job!

Whoa Godparents!  There were five represented god parents and Doug and I to make 8 … it was a tight fit!

Logan being baptized.

Owen being baptized.

Weston being baptized.

Lion King Baby!  Can’t lie I sang a little “circle of life” in my head during this part  🙂

The babies were due to feed at 10:30 and the service started at 10:45.  I thought we’d have time to feed before they got baptized but didn’t realize it was at the very beginning.  I was nervous they would be really cranky during the ceremony, but they did so good!  The bottles were whipped out right after the baptism and everyone took a baby to feed.

Even Eric fed a baby!

The grandparents!

Godparents (minus Sherri)

Clearly we asked Jaden to behave for too long – ha!  This was his ‘nice smile’.

After lot of coaxing we finally got a good one!




And of course we had a Packer themed party to follow!  Gold & Green punch, lemon and lime bars, God Bless Logan, Owen, Weston & the Green Bay Packers and the big G plates.  Go Pack Go!

It’s a redhead sandwich!  I love these girls — seriously I think I would be in a rubber room if it weren’t for these amazing women!

Another triple threat?  Sarah is getting fresh with Weston  …. football players do have nice butts ….

Flying babies!  We clearly thought this was way more fun than the babies!

I made all of the godparents t-shirts to wear during the Super Bowl.

A team huddle before the big game!  We even posted this to the Green Bay Packer facebook page.  Maybe the players will even get to see their biggest triplet fans!

YaYa bought Jaden a special brownie from a bakery in New Jersey!  Jaden loved it — I think his smile says it all!

Poor Logan had a terrible end to the game – we think it was gas pains.  None the less he wasn’t happy unless someone was holding him (as pictured below).  We caught this look on his face and couldn’t help but giggle at the caption on his bib – perfectly said!  “What you lookin’ at?”

and the grand finale …. I caught the end of the game on video!

and a little clip of Jaden to seal the deal!

February 6, 2011 was a joyous day!  Three baby boys were born into the Christian faith and the Packer’s won the Super Bowl!  Thank you to everyone who helped make the day special!  I know all of my boys will grow up knowing that they have friends and family who love them.

Love, Mel

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