3 Month Update

Can you believe these little men came into the world over three months ago?  All three boys are smiling and making “goo” noises.  Their personalities are becoming more and more identifiable too.  Owen is still so very laid back.  He can just lay there and be happy.  But when he cries – oh man does he let it go!  He’s got a deeper cry and the saddest pouty lip.

Weston is still wirey.  You can see his legs kicking all the time and his arms are always moving.  Doug said it was like watching himself talk with his hands. ha!  He was the one that wouldn’t stay tucked in during our valentine’s day photo shoot.

Logan has seemed to chill out  a little since we started the hypoallergenic formula.  He still has his fussy moments but he also has his relaxed days.  He’s the most smiley these days and really loves looking at faces.

All three boys love, love, love their nooks.  I feel like I”m on a constant nook hunt as they also shoot them out of their mouthes quite far.

Jaden is also getting to be a pro at ‘nooking his brothers.’  I don’t want Jaden to resent his brothers, but let’s face it, I need his help sometimes.  So I try to use the phrase “families help each other and right now your brother needs your help – look at how sad he is!”  Jaden is a good sport and helps a lot (usually).

The boys also love to swing.  Logan is mostly in the swing since he usually needs the rocking to calm down.  We’ve got two swings set up in the living room now.  (and with the foam flooring and bouncy seats it’s like the Bissing daycare!)

We went on our first walk yesterday.  The weather was up in the 50’s and mom and I decided it was a time for an adventure.  So off we went – me with the three babies in the baby limo and Mom with Jaden in the wagon.  It felt like we were more of a parade than just on a walk.  What a difference it made doing something and being in the fresh air rather than being cooped up in the house all day.  I have a feeling that when the weather gets nicer we are going to be spending a whole lot of time outside!

Three months down and we are still surviving!  Heck I even enjoy it at times.  But I’m not going to lie – it’s tough, really tough.  And it’s a different kind of hard than I anticipated.  But I’m learning and we are making it thru!  I’ve only just begun to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Love, Mel

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