RIP Breastfeeding

The time has come to say goodbye to nursing.  After mastitis during the triplet’s baptism weekend and now third degree hickys (blisters) on my right side – I’m throwing in the towel!

I know you’re going to say that I gave it a good go, but I still feel guilty/bad.  To be quite honest, I feel like I’m failing at my mom duty.

Seriously, God made boobs to make milk and mine aren’t doing their job well (or maybe too well ha!).  I can’t get the words “real moms breast feed their babies” out of my head.  What I want to know is who put them there?  This is going to be a physical as well as emotional process.  I just keep picturing Dori –

Lots of things are going to change with no longer pumping.  For one thing, I’ll get 5-6 hours back to my day!  Doug said jokingly last night “You’ll have two more hours back to the day to clean more!”  Ummm really?  He thinks I only spent two hours pumping?  Secondly, cleaning?  I’m thinking more time to play with the kids, take a shower, cook, craft, the list goes on forever!  I just smiled and nodded … let him think it was only two hours  –  the other 3-4 hours will be my little secret.  Shhhhhh

No more washing bottle/pumping parts.  Man I have really grown to loath washing all those itty bitty parts and having to wash them 6 times a day!  Now all the baby stuff can be put in the dishwasher.  Loving that part!

The not so great part is the $ coming out of the checking account.  I’m already planning regular shopping trips to Sam’s Club.  AND once I get the kid’s birth certificates (LONG story as to why I still don’t have them) I’ll be able to send letters for free stuff.  Let’s be honest though, formula will be cheaper than me spending a few weeks in the loony bin!  To be brutally honest, medical bills SUCK!  and they just keep coming.  Wait, did I just turn a negative into a positive?  No longer pumping = less medical bills  🙂

Considering I was pumping 16 oz every 4 hours, I can’t stop cold turkey.  This is going to be a process.  After talking with the doc, here’s my plan:  wear a tight sports bra 24/7, pump only when I just can’t stand it anymore, avoid long hot shower (who has time for those anyways?), only pump for 10-15 mins to relieve pressure.  I’m not sure how long it will take to be done but I’m thinking it’ll be at least a week if not two or three.  Man it’ll be nice to have my body back 🙂  Another positive!

So if I can keep focusing on the positives, maybe the emotional process will go smoother.  Having my very own personal cheerleader named Rachael also helps.  I can do this!

Love, Mel


  1. Hey you are a real mom, your birthed 3 babies at the same time. And you breast fed them a real long time. Yes, God made boobs for milk, but for one baby at a time not 3. You rock!!! You made it a lot further then I would have.

    Congrats to you, I don’t know how you do 4 kids at once you are a pure rock star!


  2. I agree you are a real Mom! Breast feeding or not. The fact that you did breast feed with triplets in my book makes you SUPER MOM! As far as formula goes… I have been trying to save money myself (sure im not a Mom but we all need to save money) There are ALOT of coupon websites and I have found most of the websites are 80% baby related. Just a thought! Congrats to you and the more time you get to spend with all four of your amazingly adorable boys!

    Amanda :o)

      • wow coupons is one ive been using ALOT! but you can also go to channel 12 news website they have a coupon link too…you have to download a program to print the coupons but its no biggie! but there is ALOT of baby stuff one there! formula, lotion, washes, wipes, diapers… i have become the coupon queen! if i run across anymore i will keep you posted!

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Don’t ever doubt what a great Mom you are! I like you was determined when I had my first to breast feed(only one baby). It did not work out so great and with Brittany I just plain said no! Look how great she turned out! 🙂 I love reading your blog and seeing what a great job you are doing with ALL your boys. I always tell people that the hardest job a person could have is being a parent. Keep up the great work!
    Lynn Diedrich
    Brittany’s Mom 🙂

  4. I know I told you I saw your blog- but I just realized now that there are pictures to match!! haha wow I make a great cheerleader!!
    Love you tons!

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