More Owl Outfits!

Found another set of owl outfits!  Mom bought these for the boys before they were born.  I practiced a little photo editing on these too.

Weston is passed out – Logan has that stink face on and Owen says “huh?”

Logan is pointing at the camera saying “You are gonna go down”

This is one of my favorites – Owen

Today, Jaden stayed home sick.  At first I thought “this is a recipe for disaster!”  But man was he good!  He played video games while I watched Regis and Kelly and enjoyed my coffee.  Then I told him it was nap time.  He chose to lay down by the TV in the basement.  When I was trying to set Netflix up for him, he fell asleep!  And he slept from 10:30 til about 12:30!!  It was a long period of down time considering the babes were sleeping and in between feedings too!

I tried working on the monograms I want to hang over the boy’s cribs.  That’s a WHOLE other story – they are not turning out how I pictured!  Boo!

When my mom came over, I finished putting away the three loads of laundry from this weekend and rearranged the triplet’s nursery.  We decided to move the rocker recliner out into the family room this weekend.  Considering we feed in the living room since that’s where the TV is, the chair was holding more laundry than being rocked in.  In fact, I’m sitting in it right now!  So with the chair being gone, I moved the changing table over to the other wall.  It feels like a whole new room!  I even hung three pictures.  Whoa — I know I’m getting a little crazy.

I’ve started thinking about spring cleaning too.  The thought is a little overwhelming.  Not sure how much we’ll get in this year but the projects have definitely started swimming in my head.

Another event right around the corner?  BUMBOS!  I’ve heard so much about them from triplet moms and the kids are almost ready for them.  I caught a few pictures of Logan and Weston in them already.  They can sit for a bit but then their heads get heavy and they start to wobble.  But dang they look so funny and cute in them.  Like miniature babies.  That really doesn’t make sense … but yet you know what I’m talking about! (and if you don’t just nod and smile).

Tomorrow it’s supposed to be “nice” again – like 40.  I’m hoping it’s warm enough that we might be able to stretch our legs a little outside.  Another parade, I mean walk around the block maybe?  Another day – another story!

Love, Mel


  1. I thought of you yesterday at work – I was clearancing some of the wall clings and the owl tree went! I said – Awww. I miss that girl.

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