My Many Names

One thing that changed quickly being a stay-at-home mom was the name “Mama”.  Holy man I hear mama about 7,254 times a day!  So you can imagine that I quickly began to loath my once cherished name.

While reading Little Critter’s Valentine book the other night, Little Critter gives his friend Bun Buns a valentine.   The name made both Jaden and I giggle.

Last week, in one of Jaden’s mama marathons, I calmly told Jaden “Mommy doesn’t want to be called mama anymore … from now on, please call me Bun Buns.”  Jaden cocked his head as he looked at me, not really knowing what to say.  Then burst out laughing … giggling “Ok Bun Buns!”

So there you have it … I taught my four-year old to call me Bun Buns.  What a great pet name, right?  Hey, whatever makes the day a little more enjoyable!

Hold on, the story gets even better!

Last night, Jaden was having trouble going to sleep.  He had gotten out of bed a few times and was told if he got out one more time he would loose his cartoons in the morning.  It was quiet for a while and then it started … the calling from down the hallway.  “Mama-cita!”  “Mama-cita!” ….. “Mama-cita!” ….

I snickered quietly in the family room, muted the tv and grabbed Doug’s attention.  Then came “Bun Buns!”  “Oh Bun Buns, you come lay with me?”  ahhhh hahaha  Doug looked at me wondering what on earth goes on here while he’s at work.

I shrugged my shoulders then caved and went in to lay with him.  If Jaden calling me Bun Buns is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!


Mama-cita Bun Buns

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