Have You Seen This Remote?

I had a very important date last night – dinner with Loralee.  Jaden has been home all week sick.  He was so well-behaved until yesterday.  He had the sha-nan-a-gins in him – apparently he was feeling much better!  So not only was going to school today a must, but this dinner date with Loralee felt like I was liking busting out of jail.

Doug came home, I gave him five minutes to ‘settle’ in, told him when the kids last eat and was heading out the back door.  I didn’t even take time to change out of my magenta/aqua fuzzy house socks – they went so well with my shoes/outfit (yeah right)!  When the door shut behind me, my shackles were off!

We sat at our table and I placed my cell phone on the table with the disclaimer – “I love my husband, but if I know him, he’s going to call me to ask when the kids eat next.  I told him before I left, but it’s always a little crazy and I always get the call”  Low and behold about 20 mins into dinner my phone rang – it was Doug.  Only to my surprise I was greeted on the other end of the phone with “Where the ::heck:: is the remote control?”  huh?  It’s in my purse, I’m playing a dirty rotten trick on you!

Apparently there was mass chaos going on at home.  All three babies were screaming and Jaden was having a melt down because he couldn’t change the channel.

When I got home, I walked into a battle ground.  Dirty bottles on the counter, Jaden’s dinner dishes still at the table with food all over the floor.  The triplets were sleeping in a row and Doug was passed out on the couch.  Looked like the boys had a rough night.  I was sure to be quiet and let Doug sleep as I began to clean up the disaster zone.  When he woke up for the last feeding, I asked him if he found the remote.  He DIDN’T find it!  In fact, we still haven’t found it.  It’s gone – thin air – poof!

I spent all morning searching the house for that darn remote!  In couch cushions, under beds, in cupboards.  I have no clue where it went!

Have you seen Veggie Tales?  There is an episode where the cucumber can’t find his hairbrush and sings a song about it.  I’ve been singing “Oh where is my remote control.”  Watch the YouTube video of the song below – the syllables don’t work, but that hasn’t stopped me from singing it!  haha

So the remote has been missing for more than 24 hours.  I’m thinking about sending out the search party.  If you know anything, please contact us on our tip line.

The search continues …

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