The Magenta Shirt

Here is a Doug-ism for you … Doug is very picky about his work shirts.  I’m sure this is really no surprise to you that my Doug has a particular opinion on something (I love you hunny!).  So when Doug let me pick out some of his shirts I was floored!

Surprisingly, he liked them all … except one.  A handsome deep magenta color.

It’s not that Doug has a thing about pink/purple – he has two purple shirts.  He said he wasn’t sure if it was a power color for him.  He didn’t feel confident in.  I told him he looked dead sexy.  The magenta shirt, gray pants with black shoes and belt.  Fresh and new!

So … he wore the shirt to work today and he looked so good, the paparazzi showed up for his work departure.  How they new where to find him is beyond me.

What do you think ladies?  Do we like Doug’s new outfit?

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