4 Month Update

Today when Jaden got off the bus, we started with a sand art project.  For whatever reason Jaden wanted to keep his hat on while doing his project.  Oh he’s special 🙂

Ps – what is with the makers of sand art not giving you enough colored sand to fill all the projects?  We currently have 3 bracelets and a little jar empty because we ran out of sand.  When I was trying to explain why we didn’t have enough sand, Jaden suggested we make some more.  I asked him how we could make sand and he said you take water and you let it bake for a really long time and then you have sand.  Ummmm … A+ for creativity?

The triplets are four months old already!  They are so much more awake and animated – fun and a lot more work at times!  From what I’ve been able to read online, you start cereal at around 4 months old.  Since they were 7 weeks premature, I’m not sure if that’s 4 months chronological age or gestational.  We have an appointment on Wednesday with the doc so we shall see what he thinks!

They now study a toy when it’s hanging on the bouncy seat bar or when you hold it in front of them.  Owen will even kick his feet to hit the toy.  We are working on holding/shaking a rattle.  The boys love to hold my finger while eating.  Jaden has also taken an interest in playing with his brothers.  I think he finds it way more entertaining now that they interact with you a little.  The triplets all smile at him too.  It’s something quite magical as a mother to watch your children form bonds.

Each boy is developing more and more of their own unique personality.

Owen loves to look at you.  When feeding Logan, he started to fuss.  So I sat on the floor next to him in his boppy chair so I could comfort him.  Each time I turned to look at Logan, Owen would put on a huge pouty, frowning face.  Then I would look back at him and he would light up with smiles and giggles.  He LOVES his thumb and can find it every time.  Owen is still the most chill out of the boys.  But when he does cry …. it breaks your heart – he can really get that lip out.

Weston is wirey, wormy, wiggling and wild.  He still giggles around the most.  He constantly is wiggling himself out of his seat and half way to the ground.  He has the hardest time eating recently.  The kid can need to be burped five times in one bottle.  But he works hard at it and keeps finishing.  He has a raspberry on his left eyelid.  I wonder if that will fade or if he’ll always have that.  One thing I know for sure … he’s always moving.  Lord help me when he’s on his feet and always moving!

And last, but not least – Logan.  He still has some belly issues and tends to be the most fussy out of the three boys.  Even tho he might be the most uncomfortable, he’s smiles the most.  All you have to do it make eye contact and the kido lights up!  He goos and gahs and is the most playful.  Logan loves the swing.  After he’s fallen asleep I try to turn it off to save the batteries, but he always wakes up!  That little stink pot!  I suppose I’m getting what I dished out – my parents burned out a motor on my swing when I was a baby!

Look I got 2.5 smiles in this one!


They were so playful when taking these photos – I couldn’t pick which on to post.  So I posted them all!

This is Jaden posing for a ‘nice’ picture with his brothers.

a little better?

awww finally a nice one!  And yes that is a green sequin bow tie (watch future posts for another appearance of this bow tie!)

and the best one yet!

And then started the Jaden love fest!  He started smothering Owen with kisses!

So at four months, we are still alive!  It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about myself as a woman and a mom in the past short months.  I’ve learned how to find my self-worth when I wasn’t hearing the words.  I’ve learned that as simple as making a bottle is, it’s God’s work.  It takes more effort to whisper than it does to yell.  A four-year can both warm your heart and whiten your hair.  And three little babies can make a whole lot of laundry!

Love, Mel

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  1. You never seize to amazing me! I can’t believe how perfect you are for the job of creating, nurturing and loving 4 little lives. I love you to pieces!

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