St Patty’s Day

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner.  To get in the mood, I had a few (2) photo shoots.  These little guys were good sports while mom got a little crazy with the camera!

Getting Jaden to put on his shirt (curtsy of TeeTee) was quite the story!  So much work to get a 4-year-old dressed!

The first pose with the triplets didn’t really work … Logan was seriously ticked off …

Ahhh much better on the couch by himeself.



Weston – Owen – Logan

Baby Choo Choo Train!


Logan – ticked off again

Weston cute as ever!

And here begins the Jaden photo shoot.  Let me just tell you how hyper this kid was.  To get him to sit still and smile for a picture was impossible.  This is what we ended up with!

For more green pictures check out the gallery below.

The weather is getting warmer and this mom is looking forward for some much needed time outside!  Perhaps a walk with the baby limo and Jaden’s Hot Wheels.  Walks are my green beer of choice this year 🙂

Love, Mel


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