“Bad Things” only come in threes right?

Well it’s been quite the week!  Here’s the run down …

 It started last week Sunday when my phone fell of my pocket in the church parking lot.  If you recall … it was RAINING!  That’s right – soaked!  I couldn’t find my phone on the way home, but figured it was just in the bottom of my purse.  I called it from the house phone, but when I didn’t hear anything coming from my bag, I knew something was wrong.  Sure enough my house line rang with my cell phone number showing on caller id – it was Pastor Frank letting me know someone found and turned in my cell phone.  While I’m still able to make phone calls and text, it “skitzes” out occasionally.  Really annoying.

Then this past weekend Doug came home feeling under the weather.  I told him he should have kept up with his cold medicine!  But late Friday when he had a fever I figured something else was up.  After a hard push to see the doc, Doug had strep throat!  Amazing!  We didn’t want any of the kids to catch it so I was flying solo with the baby routine for another day.  Then it hit again – Doug had a rash all over — allergic to the antibiotics!  Double amazing!  We got a new prescription on Sunday morning but since he had the reaction, the doc said he could still be contagious.  Hello day 2 of flying solo!

As you can imagine, I was pooped out come Sunday evening!

Sunday night, after just sending off a quote for wedding invites, I grabbed a glass of wine to relax and WHAM!  In one swift motion, my glass tipped over and wine spilled across my laptop keyboard.  Those of you who know my husband can imagine the explicatives that exploded in my family room.  The keys seemed to be working ok until I hit the space bar.  An “h” was at the end of every word I typed.  Amazing. I powered down and decided to let it dry out.

In the morning, it was only worse.  The “y” kept repeating so I couldn’t even log in!  Blasted!  I called Best Buy and the Geek Squad said they could take a peak – it would be $30 at the most.  YES!  I got to call Doug and request an apology for over reacting as my foolish move was turning out to be no big deal!

I spoke too soon.

When picking up my computer, found that they Geek Squad failed me.  They couldn’t fix it.  I have to send it in to Sony to have a new keyboard installed.  It’s going to be more like $100-200.  Ouch.  This one is going to sting a little.  If only I had read the GeekBlog I could have been prepared

THEN my phone rings and Mom asked me if I’ve had an oil change in the recent history.  No … why do you ask?  Well there was a large oil puddle on the drive way where my van was parked.


There was number 3!  Cell phone, computer, now car? 

I’ll have to watch for oil spills where I park.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed it wasn’t my car.  I haven’t seen another oil puddle which could mean that it wasn’t my car … or there is no more oil left to leak out!

Doug left for Arkansas early this morning.  My sister is staying with me while’s he’s gone.  Bless her heart!  I think I would be committed if I had to be alone 2 nights after the past week.  I’m hoping for tons of girl fun and laughing til my sides hurt.

Of course I miss Doug while he’s gone, but a little sister time is always a bonus!

I’m really hoping nothing else I touch breaks … I’ve reached my limit!

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  1. Oh woe is you! Sorry to hear of your triple trouble. Turns out geekablog also has an article about what to do when your cell phone gets wet… Two out of three? EEK!

    Hope things turn around for you soon 🙂

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