A Walk in the Park

Today was pretty normal.  Had some lunch with Jaden, feed the babies, Mom watched the kids so I could do some grocery shopping…

When Mom left, I thought it would be nice to go for a walk.  I busted out the “non car seat” triplet stroller and had Jaden back his Power Wheels out of the garage.  I should have known better when Logan started throwing a fight before we even got out the door.  He was seriously TICKED OFF!

I ask Jaden to stay outside with his first brother while I start to load up the kids, one by one.  He’s dancing around, making googley faces at them.  Being such a great big brother!  Logan wasn’t having any of it.  I keep telling myself he’ll calm down on the walk.  The motion will help calm him down and if I’m lucky put him to sleep.  Then, I get Weston in.  His head is flopping all over the place.  HA little booger is just a little too small!  I use a blanket, bundle him in and bunch it up on his shoulder so his head stays upright.

And we’re off!

The kids cry on and off on the walk to the park.  Jaden is having a blast riding around … standing up, showing off a little.  We get to the park and Jaden is so excited that there are “new friends to meet!”  Turns out one of the boys rides the bus with Jaden.  I’m excited because there is a new mommy friend for me to meet too!

She comes over and says “wow you have triplets!”  At least it’s always a conversation starter!  We chat as best as we can while Logan is screaming.  I’ve got him out and am trying to bounce him.  He calms down and wouldn’t you know, Owen (of all the babies) starts to cry.  Now I’ve got the two of them in my arms, bouncing, trying to have a nice mom conversation.  Not working!  Then the icing – Weston starts crying.  1 park + 3 babies crying = a train wreck!

It takes me about 5 mins before I decide to throw in the towel and head home.  Jaden was a great sport and surprisingly left without too much of a fuss.

I can’t help but laugh a little when I walk in the door.  Life threw up all over the place today!  Groceries only half put away.  Laundry half folded all over the couch and half still in the basket.  There is a sea of blankets on the floor.  Lots of life vomit all over!

But I did it!  I took all four kids to the park and we got home alive!  Not too much damage done.  The kids are going to sleep well tonight after a little fresh air and a whole lot of crying!

Love, Mel

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