Funny Babies

The triplets & Jaden are doing some pretty funny things these days.  One of Jaden’s new morning routines is holding a baby.  “Mama, I hold a baby?”  I’ll say how about Owen, he’s awake.  “No I want to hold Weston.”  But I’m feeding Weston still.  And then he decides he’ll wait until I’m done.  Weston doesn’t know it yet, but Jaden has a big brother crush on him!

When it was time for Jaden to get dressed for school, I put Weston in a boppie on the floor.  The little dude wiggled himself up and over the back so he was hanging upside down, while arching his back.

Notice the mirror, idea curiosity of Marcy.  One of the greatest moms I know!  We keep it behind the couch and then take it out periodically.  The kids love to lay/sit in front of it.  They have no idea who is in the mirror!  It gives them someone to stare at for hours and it doesn’t have to be me all the time.  Thanks Marcy for the wonderful idea!

And before you know it … Weston fell asleep!

It’s so funny how kids can just fall asleep doing whatever.  Just the other day, a friend of my mom’s was over.  She was holding Weston in her lap and all of a sudden she asked if he was sleeping.  Sure enough, one minute sitting on someone’s lap and the next zonked!

If only adults could do that too!  But then again … you’d have people sleeping in all kinds of weird places – grocery stores, libraries, at stop lights, under mail boxes.  Ok, maybe it’s a good thing adults need a little more focus to fall asleep 🙂

Love, Mel

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