Triplets Are Five Months Old (already?)

Wow — five months ago yesterday I gave birth to three babies.  I can’t believe it’s been almost half a year.  I’m boggled at where all the time went.  I know literally it went to making bottles, pumping, diapers, countless funny faces and pacifiers.  But honestly, my little men are growing before my eyes.

Here are the 5 month photos we took yesterday.  Since it was a Sunday Doug helped me with these.  Too funny watching him trying to juggle the babies from one spot to the next.  He did a pretty good job keeping up!  Thanks for helping me with another crazy photo shoot Doug!

Weston – Logan – Owen


Logan (laughing at big brother off to the side)


Whoops!  Logan tipped over while I was taking Owen’s picture.  Am I a bad mom for stopping to take a picture before sitting him up again?

Enter proud big brother Jaden!

And now Logan found Weston’s eye.  Again, making sure to capture on camera!

Jaden proudly modeling his “my dad has Super Powers!” t-shirt.  (don’t mind that his shorts are clearly on backwards)

We went to a church family fun night and Jaden had his face painted as Batman.  Of course the girl he befriended had to get her face painted as Cat Woman.  I’m telling you he eyed her up during dinner!  After he went over to introduce himself, he came running back to whisper in Doug’s ear “When I get older, I’m going to ask her out on a date!”  What a little charmer!

A few thoughts on what’s going on at month 5:

  • Jaden and I like to play Mario Cart Wii while I complete the lunch time feeding.  I’ve gotten pretty good at driving with one hand and feeding with the other!
  • Weston is so close to rolling over (from his back to his front)
  • Boys are sleeping from 10pm – 6/7am
  • Owen is still the “chill” baby
  • I have my suspicions that the boys might be teething, but there isn’t a whole lot of evidence to support my theory – drooling, crankiness, lots of chewing
  • Weston is a SPAZ-ATTACK!  He often has trouble finishing his bottles because he is too busy looking at the room or watching tv
  • Jaden is taking an interest in his letters.  He’s always pointing out letters he recognizes.  FINALLY!  I’m proud of him, but it really took a lot bit for him to get interested in school stuff..
  • I start a Zumba class on Wednesday
  • I am always fascinated by how much gunk collects in the triplet’s ears!
  • Logan doesn’t take a nook anymore – he prefers to just cry
  • All three boys are giggling, smiling and cooing.  They LOVE to look at faces.
  • Jaden makes silly faces at the triplets and says things like “I love those chubby wubby cheeks”  Makes me think aboumust t what I look like when I whoochy cooch them!
  • They have started to look at each other – not sure they know who they are looking at, but it’s fun to lay them all in a row and watch them poke each other in the face.

Love, Mel


  1. How are they sleeping through the nights? If you ever check this please post! I am helping my friend with her triplets and she is getting NO sleep at five months.

    • Hi Brier,
      The boys have been sleeping through the night since a few months old. The NICU did a good job of sleep training them for me. They are now 21 months old and are starting to have trouble doing down to sleep – they learned how to crawl out of their cribs!! Are they still feeding in the middle of the night? Please feel free to email me at if you’d like to talk more about it!
      Love, Mel

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