Our Easter Extravaganza!

Our Easter morning started with the snooze button.  I had every intention of getting up at 5am so I could have time to shower and feed the babies before Jaden woke to find his basket.  That didn’t really happen.  We woke up at 7am … but Jaden was still sleeping!  I jumped into the shower and got Doug up after me.  By then, Jaden was awake and ready.

Picture Jaden running down the hallway, with his short legs, dressed in bright orange sweatpants and orange jack-o-lantern shirt.  Wrong holiday – silly boy!  In his basket there were three eggs.  Each egg had a picture drawn on it.  The first was the fridge.  Jaden ran to the refrigerator and found a Dr. Seuss book.  The next egg had a picture of a potty and sink.  Jaden knew right where that one was!  The bathroom, under the sink there was a marshmallow shooter.  This is sounding very strange as I write this down … what bunny hides presents under the sink next to a toilet.  Oh well!  The last egg had a picture of the oven where Jaden found the game Guess Who.  He was a very excited boy!

Once the eggs were all opened, we started getting all the boys ready for the trip up to GB.  We left only 20 mins behind schedule.  That’s only 5 mins per kid … not bad!

We were greeted with open arms by Doug’s mom and dad (as always).  Mom Bissing had an Easter egg hunt planned for the boys.  Jaden was in charge of finding all the eggs, even his brothers.  Each one had their own color.

Jaden and Eric went looking for the eggs.  Jaden would run back into the living room and hand Dad Bissing the egg.

Each egg had a strip of paper in it that said what prize the boys got.  There were shoes, books, toys and diapers for the boys.  Jaden got some candy, a book, toys, a new shirt.

I love how Jaden is standing with his hands in his pockets here … with everyone else looking at him.  Just waiting for what Jaden is going to do next.

The triplets, just hung out on a blanket on the floor.  Thanks to Mrs. Tully for the great first Easter outfits!

After lunch, we packed up to head to Great Grandma Van’s house.  Cracked me up seeing all three boys in their seats, wide awake!

It was a beautiful sunny day out, but still a little cold for the babies.  Logan looks like a nun in this picture!

The guys hung out in the usual circle of chairs, while the ladies were inside with the babies.

Great Grandma even had an Easter egg hunt for Jaden.  Can you say S-P-O-I-L-E-D?

Jaden tried to shoot out the egg with his gun …

no such luck!  Good thing Auntie Kris was there to lend a lift!

Great Grandma Van with her four great grandboys!

Funny how babies can turn grandpas into softies!

Jaden didn’t fall asleep at all on the car ride home.  Doug and I were really hoping for a little quiet time.  I swear that kid had something new to say every two miles.  “Knock Knock, haven’t you ever heard of candy-are?” the joke on the Swedish fish egg box.  Or “Daddy, when we get home, wanna feel my muscles?”  Just random Jaden-isms.  He fell asleep as soon as his head hit his pillow at home.

I walked back into the kitchen to be greeted by this:  The aftermath of our GB trip.

I was too exhausted to unpack that night, but the trip was worth it!  As the boys get older, these trips are going to get crazier and crazier.  But in the best “this is my family” sort of way!

Love, Mel

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