Let the good times roll!

First Monday back from Spring Break … rough start to the week.  It started with Jaden whining and complaining that he didn’t want cereal for breakfast.

SOMEONE didn’t catch up on enough sleep on Sunday night.  I tried to get him in bed at a decent time … but the little guy was so itchy.

The morning was topped off with him throwing his cereal … yep took a handful of Trix out of his bowl and threw it on the kitchen floor.  This was immediately followed up with a timeout.  And all before 8am.

We managed to pull it together, eat our eat our Trix and get to the bus on time.  But not without a fit about wearing the right winter hat.  Phew …

On a much happier note, two of the triplets rolled over this weekend!  Of course they didn’t roll over the “normal” first way (front to back).  They roll from their backs to their tummies.  True Medal/Bissing fashion!  Doug and I were lucky enough to get it on video!

Logan Rolling Over

Weston Rolling Over

Owen is next.  Poor chub just can’t get moving.  While he might not be able to roll over … he certainly has enough rolls!  (haha get it?)

Love, Mel

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