Mother’s Day

This mom of four boys had a great mother’s day!

I woke up to the babies and hopped up to start feeding.  I got done feeding two babies and Jaden woke up.  He said he wanted to make me breakfast so I “suggested” he wake up dad.  wink wink  Doug got up, wished me a happy mother’s day and fed the third child.  Then he got to cooking while Jaden and I played Lego Star Wars (the video game Jaden earned all on his own by doing chores).

All of a sudden Doug was yelling that there was a stork in the backyard and we should come and see.  A stork?  We got up to see what it was all about and wouldn’t ya know … Doug got me a fire pit!  It was propped up against the gazebo.   Can’t wait to break it in!

Then we packed up the boys and headed over to my parent’s house.  Rae & Dad made us a wonderful meal!  Mom and I got to sit out on the deck (also called Mexico) and enjoy some of the sunshine.

Rachael helped change the boy’s diapers before a feeding and brought them back out with new outfits!  The triplets had “I love Mom” onesies and Jaden had on a “Mom’s Home Run Hitter” shirt.  SO ADORABLE!

And the best gift of the day was pictures with me and my boys.  I’m always behind the camera.  We actually pulled off a few really good ones!

and a not so good one — but this is what I feel like when all the boys are crying at the same time.  Makes my eyes cross and my face contort …

Mom has been talking about these chairs for a few weeks now.  I have to admit, I wasn’t on board.  Thought they were a little nuts.  But they actually work out really nice!  It still cracks me up to see all three of them in a line.  Wonder if that will ever change?


Owen doesn’t look that thrilled in the picture, but he fit in the chairs pretty well.  His feet touched the ground and he “filled” out the chair the best.  My chunk!  (I should be more careful with these chubby comments or he’s going to end up with a chunky monkey complex when he gets older.  I just can’t help it with all of his rolls!)

Weston found a way to “recline” in his chair!

Jaden is growing into such a little man.  My heart melts at him touching the side of my face in this one.  I love it when he wraps his arms around my neck from behind and kisses me on the cheek.  He’s a little charmer.  Ladies watch out!

Here is Owen on Uncle Jake’s lap, learning how to text.

I had a really nice day.  Hope all you mothers out there enjoyed your day as well!

Love, Mel


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