Jaden in Charge

Yesterday I decided to get into the shower quick before taking Jaden to the bus stop.  I told him that he was in charge of his brothers and if they started crying, he needed to give them a toy or something.  This is what I walked out on … (he catches me video taping a little way thru the video.)

Before I had a chance to grab the Flip, he was teaching Owen how to make a fist (thumb on the outside) and having him ‘fake’ hit him.  I’ve witnessed the same lesson between Doug and Jaden.  Hilarious!

It’s a really special feeling when I see Jaden interacting and teaching his brothers.  My biggest fear, when pregnant, was that Jaden wouldn’t feel as loved with three other babies in the house.  But to see him love his brothers and care for them is magic.  There is no other word for it …. just magic!

Love, Mel

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