Bus Stop Move

I got a phone call yesterday …. they freakin’ moved the bus stop due to the construction near our house.  And I’m bitter!  It’s now around the bend in the road and I can’t see the house from the corner.  So I now get to pack up the triplets twice a day … no matter if we have an outing or not.

Forgive the TERRIBLE drawing.  I blurred out the street names.  The green blob is our house.

It’s a significantly longer walk now.  Although the walk seemed a lot longer this morning than the picture shows it.  Perhaps it’s just my bitterness that made the walk longer and colder.

I found myself giving each of the construction workers a sideways glance, as if it’s their fault.  I even tried telling the lady from the bus company “I don’t know what I’m going to do if you move the stop … I’ve got newborn triplets at home.  Now I have to pack them up each morning?”  She wasn’t really sympathetic.  Dropping the “T” word didn’t help this time.

So ladies and gents … I’ve made myself a new pair of big girl pants.  Fresh off the press!

This morning I walked out to the garage, got the big boy stroller and brought it around to the front of the house.  Then when it was just about time to head out, I wrapped each of the babies in a blanket and brought them out one by one.  Then we started the walk … the five of us 🙂  Jaden kept asking “are we there yet?” as if we were traveling hundreds of miles.

We met some new kids in the neighborhood – all a lot older than Jaden.  The kids were all interested in the boys and of course Logan was a little flirt!  Smiling and sticking his tongue out.  The tongue part surprised me – that’s usually Weston!

Moral of the story?  We survived!  Change is just a lot harder now-a-days but not impossible.  Let’s see how the bus pick-up goes this afternoon.  Wish us luck!

Love, Mel

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