Here it begins

The paralyzing meds have just been turned off. We don’t expect to see anything right away. But when changing his diaper and repositioning him with the nurse, his blood pressure changed. This is exactly what we wanted. She explained that it could be him realizing that someone was moving him.

We wait more. Doug and I just ordered some food. I’m going to read Owen his emails before I try to sleep a little. I think I only posted it on Facebook…if you’d like to email Owen directly you can send your note to

I pray that the next hours proves to be witness to the power of pray. The light is on Owen, come on home.

Love, Mel


  1. Owen, there is so much love and hope and prayer going your way. I pray that it will lead you to where God has plans for you – and I pray even harder that that is back with your parents and brothers.

  2. owen, please come home! I don’t know you or your family but my heart is breaking for all of you. Eternal prayers are coming your way!

  3. Sending all my thoughts and prayers your way! It seems the Big Man is listening!!!

  4. Come on back little one, you can do it.! With God all things are possible! You have all been in my prayers, I’m constantly thinking about you. Will pray for good signs of recovery and steady progress overnight. Good night sweet baby!

  5. Hi Melissa,
    You don’t know me, but I am a colleague of your Mother-in-Law’s in West De Pere. I heard about Owen on Monday morning, and have been thinking about you and your family ever since. I know that there is nothing that I can say that will change things, but I do want you to know that I am praying my hardest for your little chunky monkey. I am the mother of a 9 month old and can’t even imagine what you are going through. I’ll never understand why this happens to these precious babies. You are an amazing mother and have phenomenal strength! Keep fighting, Owen!

  6. C’mon back home Owen!! My porch light remains on until you are back in your Mommy and Daddy’s arms!!! Lots of love and prayers to you little owl!!

  7. Melissa,
    Praying so hard for little Owen. I know God hears all of our prayers, and I believe He will bring Owen back and he will make a full recovery. You are an awesome mother, and may God continue to give you the strength to make it through this trial.

  8. Our light is on and our hopes are up!! Stay strong and keep the faith for your little Owen and his brothers as well as yourselves!! You are a true fighter so do not give up now!!!

  9. We are praying, praying, praying! Come home to your mommy, Owen! Praying God comforts you and answers all of these prayers. Keep fighting Owen!

  10. Sending hope and love.

    Can’t stop thinking of Owen and saying his sweet name.

    With you in spirit,

  11. Hi, Melissa,

    You do not know me; however, after reading through your stories I felt compelled to comment (I came across your blog from a posting on facebook). My family and I are keeping Owen in our prayers. You are a remarkable mother and I have faith Owen is fighting his way back to your arms! Keep up your positivity, it is contagious!
    Keep up the fight, Owen! You have many people rooting in your corner!

  12. I only met the triplets at the Cancer Walk but I was so in awe of your wonderful family. I can not begin to imagine the pain, the fear, the heartbreak, the hope and the strength needed as you are taken on this journey. Our prayers are with you and I am gratified by the grace and dignity of your presence during this difficult time. God bless you and your family, and may Owen’s journey be one of grace and love.

  13. I came across your website as a friend posted the link on FB in request for prayers. Know they are headed your way and will continue no matter what. You all are in the midst of the storm right now, and I hope your precious Owen comes back home to bring his sunshine.

    I saw that you like quotes, and I am the same way. I have a quotes page on my blog & many are about getting through tough times. Feel free to check it out if you want. Maybe you’ll find a quote that you need today & can add it to your collection.

    Will be checking in for updates. Prayers . . . . . .

  14. Praying for Owen, I came across a part of this on facebook. It made me cry, Im a mother of 3 (a 6yr old girl, 18mth old boy, and a 6mth old girl) and I cant imagine… Im sending prayers to you and your family that he makes a full recovery with NO damage, praying for a healthy lil boy! Porch lights on for him here in North-East Texas…

  15. I also saw this through a friend’s posting on facebook. I have a 4 week old baby boy, and every time I see his face I say another prayer for your sweet Owen and your entire family.

  16. You are all in my thoughts and prayers! I was so saddened to see this posted on Aubrey’s Facebook but know your strength and the prayers of all those around you will embrace Owen and your family! Keep on fighting and keep on loving, Owen!

  17. the prayers have continued since I heard about Owen!! I’ve been checking back multiple times a day to hear an update!! Your strength is amazing and i hope god continues to shower u with strength as well as owen!! Best of luck today!!

  18. God bless your strength each minute, hour and day. I know each minute is important and God is with you as you are able to feel the presence. Continue to be strong and peaceful.
    Lord, you love our child as You love all children,
    Bring healing to our child who is not well.
    Stay by his side and comfort him through this trying time.
    Keep us ever mindful of Your loving presence
    Bless us with Your powerful healing and comfort us also.
    Thank You for hearing our prayer!

  19. Mel, Owen, and family….I’m Jodi Smeiska’s mom and I’m praying for you. Your blogs have touched me and I’ve forwarded onto my co-workers who are also praying. Chris Lamon

  20. Praying for you and your family Mel. Little Owen must be so proud of his Mommy’s strength, as we all are. Big hug!


  21. Owen,
    You are a strong boy, you have to be to be a triplet fighting for room in the womb. Praying for you to have a full recovery. Your guardian Angel is watching over you, making sure you are properly recovering, keeping you warm, safe, and filling you with eternal love and strength. God Bless You little boy, and your family too.

    • You don’t know me but I saw the posting on a friends fb page to Continue prayers for your loved on Owen. I am sending prayers your way, for Owen and for your family, to keep up the emotional strength for this fight.

  22. I am one of the many of made aware of Owen’s story via a FB friend. Owen and your family are in my daily prayers and thoughts. I find myself checking your blog throughout the day for updates and can’t wait to see the awesome news that a Mircale has occured. God please protect Owen and strengthen him and return him to a healthy baby boy.

  23. This is such a test of strength and faith for you and your family. I pray that God will give Owen a big hug and send him back to you and your family. Prayer DOES work because God ALWAYS listens!

  24. Owen, there are many people you don’t know that are lifting you up in prayer, including myself. We share the same Lord, Owen, and He is a mighty Lord! We are praying that the Lord will give you and your Mommy and Daddy the strength and healing that you require to overcome this mighty challenge. We pray for His will and we pray that His will will bring you back to your Mommy and Daddy. We will keep praying, for there is strength in numbers. May God bless you and your family and may He provide the hope, endurance, strength and patience needed to get through this.


  25. Owen –
    Do not be afraid, Jesus is holding your sweet little hand! I know your story from a friend on FB but have been praying fiercely for you and your beautiful family. I have learned so much from you and your family in the short while I’ve been following your story. The faith and love you have for one another is just awesome. Keep fighting Owen! There are so many pulling for you and so many sending love and warmth through our prayers!


  26. Awe Mel. I’m thinking about you and Owen everyday. God works in strange ways. I have had a light on everyday for him, and I know that he will come back to you. You have fought some long hard battled in your life and I don’t doubt that you have passsef on your will and strength to each one of your boys. I have not seen you in forever of even had met your family but I know that Owen is special and will be part of that 2%

    Sending you a lot of love and prayers


  27. Owen and Family… Your story has touched many. I am one of many who do not know you- that are following your story and praying for you! You are a special little boy and it is my hope and prayer that you are among the 2%. I will continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. May God’s grace hold you and keep you. Leaving a light on…


  28. We are strangers. But we are bonded by this thing called “Motherhood.” I pray for you. I pray that you will hear the words you are desperately waiting to hear. I pray that Owen will wake up, not only wake up but make a full recovery. I pray that your heart will be full and your family will be whole again very soon. May God be with you and your little Owen.

  29. You are all in my thoughts constantly and I am praying, praying, praying for all of you…
    Lord, you love Owen as You love all children.
    Bring healing to Owen.
    Stay by his side and comfort him through this trying time.
    Keep us ever mindful of Your loving presence.
    Bless us with Your powerful healing and comfort us also.

  30. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are strong and God will watch out for Little Owen no matter what happens. My heart goes out to you and have faith God works in mysterious ways. The Light is on in our home as well now.

  31. Come on baby Owen! We’re all rooting for you… we know you can do it! You’re such a strong little guy! Prayers are being continued, as we all know the power of prayer… you’ll be that 2% miracle baby!!

  32. Keep fighting little Owen! Keep fighting!! There are so many friends and family pulling for you and praying for you and your family! Sending you LOVE through our prayers! God bless you!

  33. Owen. We are sending prayers from Orlando, FL. There’s MANY people praying for you sweet one. You are strong, come on back home. With God, all things are possible!

  34. melissa, you dont know me, i work at froedtert with katie. i read through your blog last night all the way back to your pregnancy. dr epperson is my ob/gyn too:) i think your family is inspiring and i just wanted to share that with you. i have an 8 month old and tear up at the thought of what strength you must have for your family at a time like this. owen and the rest of the boys, doug and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. tell owen i said that he just has to come back to his family, he has so much life left to live! will be watching for the next update…

  35. Mel, Owen and Family –

    What a touching story that is reaching out to so many of us. I think I can speak for every mom on here that you are in every moms worst nightmare right now. Be strong for Owen. We are praying that God will bring healing to your sweet angel. Childrens hospital is one of the best hospitals and he is in the best care…Gods and his lovign mothers! God bless you all.

  36. Praying all the time for you, Owen. You don’t know me, but I am one of Pam’s students at school. May God be with you, and best of luck to your entire family in this difficult time.

  37. As a fellow triplet mom I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I’m thinking nd praying for you all and especially little Owen. Keep fighting little guy! God bless you all!

  38. HOW COULD YOU?!?! HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY RATE SOMETHING AS EMOTIONALLY SCARRING AS THIS?! AND IF YOU HAD TO, HOW CAN IT NOT BE AT THE TOP OF THE RANKINGS?! These are the EMOTIONS/FEELINGS of a MOTHER who has gone through what very few have gone through and NONE who should’ve! How DARE you critisize her for what she has gone through, that is like an insult to Owen, and how DARE you insult a 6-month-old baby who has done more with his life than ANY of you! I am bewildered by the lack of disrespect for a family with an explicably tragic loss. You discust me. REST IN PEACE OWEN! WE ALL LOVE YOU, EVEN THOUGH SOME MAY HAVE NOT SHOWN IT VERY WELL…

      • I’m sorry, I was in a bad mood when I posted, and I just thought that it was the final straw when your rating wasn’t 5 stars. Sorry.

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