Things that offer comfort

A few pictures of the things in Owens room that offer comfort.

Universe Owen doll


Brother bears on the edge of Owens bed. These were donated to the hospital and one of Owens nurses picked them out. Each had a name: Dotty, Sammy, Billy and Max.


Signs, cards and notes from family, friends and church




Jaden made Owen medicine which consisted of paper with pink marker dots and scribbles. It works very slow but it works really well.


A stone that was held while church youth prayed for him lays in his hand.


A blanket was dropped off by a friend whom I have not seen or talked to since elementary school. She had made a boy tie blanket on saturday. When she heard of Owen, she knew who to give the blanket to. I slept with the blanket. Not only did it provide warmth, but I felt closer to god and to Owen with the blanket.

Just a peak and when I see. A peak at the proof of prayer. Thank you to those who have offered support. Time will tell. Today is the day the lord has made. Let me rejoice and be glad in it.

Love, Mel


  1. Dear Doug, Mel and family,
    We are praying for baby Owen and your family and will be watching for updates as Owen warms and returns to you. Keep fighting Owen!!!

  2. You don’t know me, we have friends in common. I am praying for Owen, you, and your family today.

  3. Mel…I do not know you nor do you know me….but please know that I am praying for Owen and your family…and remember that With God all things are possible:)

  4. Mel-
    I heard about Owen from my friend, Molly. Please know that we are sending prayers and positive thoughts from Kasson, MN. As a child life specialist, I have sat with many parents in similar situations as yours, and I want you to know, that never in my life have I been able to feel a mother’s love as strong as your’s simply by reading words on a page-your words are very inspiring! God bless and we’ll keep the prayers coming!

  5. Melissa –
    I’m thinking about you and praying for Owen and your family. I have seen so many examples of all the amazing things you are capable of doing, and know that all that work was practice for this challenge. Owen will be constantly in my prayers. Much love!

  6. “Faith is like electricity. You can’t see it, but you can see the light.”

  7. HE IS ABLE, MORE THAN ABLE……………Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and Owen. I have been continuously lifting you all up before the Lord in prayer. I have put Owen on my prayer chain at Watertown Community Church; asking for that miracle for your little guy, and that the Lord would hold you all in the palm of HIS hand through whatever HIS will is.

  8. Melissa,
    We don’t know each other, but my sister knows Jake. There are so many people praying for Owen, and your whole family as well! He has not been far from my thoughts since I heard about him yesterday, and everytime, I lift him up in prayer to our amazing Father in heaven. I encourage you to decree God’s word over Owen; it is powerful, active, and never returns void. God gives us so many promises in the Bible, stand firm in your beautiful faith and believe them. “In My name, (believers) will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” -Mark 16:18 Amen!!! (and much love!)

  9. Mel and Doug,
    I think of you and little Owen often. I pray for him often. May God give him strength.
    Tina and Jake (sarah’s sister)

  10. You don’t know me and I don’t know your family, but I’m crying reading your story! As a mother, I can’t imagine the things you and your family are going through, but please rest assured that God is with you and your sweet precious Owen. I’ll continue praying (harder now than ever) and will ask all who I know to also pray. We will be awaiting your next update, hoping that it reads that the warming is working! Stay strong and keep the faith.

  11. I’m a fellow alumna (DKP – alpha class) of your sorority at SNC, but we’ve never met. You have a beautiful family and an amazing way with words. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers. Sending warm thoughts and love from Chicago.

  12. Melissa –
    I had a hard time sleeping last night — thinking of Owen and you and your family. The light was bright in our trio’s room and we joined as a family and prayed for Owen. You are are so strong and an AMAZING Mother! Just know you are surrounded by so many praying and sending positive thoughts…

  13. You do not know me, but I know a friend of yours. However, as a mother, I have to offer everything and anything to bring your little boy through this. I read your stories and you have incredible strength— strength in which I cannot tell you how amazing you are for having. I’ll be thinking of you and your family. May God hold you and your family in the palm of his hands.

  14. Melissa, we are praying for a miracle. ♥ I posted a link to your blog on my FB page to ask all of my friends to pray and I’ve seen that many of them have reposted on their own page asking the same. I’m sure so many of your blog readers, friends, and family have done so also. People all over the world are praying for sweet Owen right at this very moment. That’s a powerful, powerful thing.

    We’re leaving a light on in our house tonight. ♥

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