Waiting and my angel whisperer

We are still waiting. I slept hard last night. It’s like my body knows I’ve got a hard fight coming. I’m preparing for a battle.

We stopped the paralysis meds last night at about 9:30pm. When I helped change his diaper last night there was a flux in his blood pressure which Is good. But the nurses have moved him every two hours and haven’t see the flux again.

They just did a test to see if he’s metabolized the meds and it looks like he has or is. Which means if he can move, his body will let him. Also it means that his body can metabolize things -shows that his liver is at least somewhat functioning.

We don’t have any answers yet. My heart gets tight. I don’t know what I feel. Maybe my anxiety is Owens or maybe it’s mine. I pray that Owen is calm and that he feels love.

We are starting a lasic drip the help get rid of some of the fluid he’s holding on to.

I’m a rock and I’m not going to lose hope. I’m holding onto my balloon. We have lights on … But not too many cuz I don’t want it to be too bright. Just enough.

My family just got here …. And I need some coffee. We are praying.

Through so many jaden stories (check some of the previous posts to hear the stories) he has seen and felt grandpa tickley beard. Last night he was eating his 20th piece of pa’s chicken nuggets (special for his food allergies) and he stopped like he had a revelation. It’s not time for owen to go with the angels. There you have it. My angel whisperer has spoken.

Keep on praying. We have lots of questions and for the fist time we’ll be getting some answers.

Love, Mel


  1. Hi, Your article was sent to me via FaceBook, I hope he pulls through. I know the doctors have come a long since l962 when I was born and infant paralysis and recovered. I’ll say prayers for you and the doctors who made wonderful progress every day. God Bless.

  2. Jamie just told me about Owen. I am praying for God’s Healing Hand on him and His loving warmth & strength for you and your family. Rest that there are many prayers going up for your son.
    – Andrew

  3. I reeived this article on FaceBook; I hope and pray all goes well. The medical community has made a lot of progress since l962 when I had infant paralysis and recovered so my mother told me. God Bless and stay healthy.

  4. I came across your blog posted on a friends facebook page and just wanted you to know that my family and I will be praying for your family and a miracle for your precious little Owen. May God be with you all during this difficult time.

  5. Thank you for the update. I continue to pray for you, your husband, Owen and your family. Your strength is inspiring and all I can think is that if you have so much strength rooted in the Lord, Owen must too! I will continue to pray like crazy today and spread the word so that Owen has a whole army of “prayer warriors”.

  6. Thank you for the update.

    Praying so hard for you and your family. Stay strong Mama, you are doing great! Looking forward to hearing about Owen’s progress and complete recovery. God Bless you all! My lights are on 🙂

    Prayers from OKC, OK

  7. Owen, as soon as I heard your story I started to pray and have been passing a long the word to have others pray for you as well. I pray that God takes care of you and gives you the strength you need to pull through. I pray that He also gives your family the strength they need too. Sending love and prayers your way!

  8. We don’t know each other, but we pray to the same God. I have been sending my prayers since I heard about you and Owen.

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