We live in a small … and orange world!

I have heard many stories on how far the name Owen has spread … around the world.  One of my favorite stories was shared with me on facebook today by one of the triplet’s NICU nurses.

This wonderful nurse was at a grocery store in Olathe, KS (583 miles away!) and saw a family with the children dressed in orange. She had to ask them…why the orange? They replied “for Owen”.  No further explanation or discussion was needed.

What a small and wonderful world we live in!  Thank you for helping to paint the world orange!


  1. Please know that there are many triplet famlies (and non triplet famlies) in NEw york wear Orange for Owen as well. You story has touched me and my family and you are all a part of our daily thoughts and prayers.

  2. That should (and I’m sure it does) make your heart swell with pride for Owen and amazement over the good people in this world. Your story HAS touched so many lives and Owen has touched so many lives.

  3. There are also families in Oregon wearing orange for your little warrior! Your story is so hard to read, but also so very inspiring to see how your faith in God has prevailed. You are truly an amazing person!! Your son will NEVER be forgotton!

  4. We’ve been wearing “Owen Orange” here in Michigan too!! It’s weird, but I find myself checking your blog throughout the day. Everyday. Needing to know that your “ok.” I find myself grieving with you…for you. I will continue to pray for your family.

  5. Just went to the grocery store because Spencer, one of my triplets, who happens to love Orange, wanted orange push up popsicles. Thought of Owen in Mississippi.

  6. Non-triplet mom here who wears an Orange ribbon on my work lanyard in Philadelphia for Owen. And you….

  7. I am wearing orange here in Layton Utah. I have read your story on your blog and thank you for sharing your feelings. My neighbor just lost her little boy he was just three days shy of three months, I also lost my niece at one week. You are truly inspiring, you will be with Owen again!

  8. Mel

    Create a thread on FB on the Orange for Owen and ask ppl to post where they are. I bet he has covered all the states and has crossed many borders.

    Xoxo to you all!

    Keep soaring baby Owen!!

  9. I am somewhat close to you, live down in South Eastern WI, I too see a lot more orange around me…. Even though I am sure orange is always around, I just notice the color a lot more now, and think of you and your darling Owen… Even though I do not know you, You are always in my prayers….
    God bless you and keep you strong!!!

  10. Ok I created it. Let’s see how far Owens message has gone.

    Go to the Facebook page Orange for Owen and let us know where you all are.

  11. Orange here in Massachusetts!! My husband gave a ribbon to each of his employees to wear on their lanyards and my 2 daughters each have a ribbon in their room. Owen’s story has touched us all so deeply and our orange reminder helps us cherish the beautiful day God has given us. It brings us happiness and humbles us. You family is truly an inspiration and has touched so many many lives.

  12. Non triplet mother here in Cleveland, Ohio, wore orange for Owen also. My heart just breaks for you and your family.

    Thank you for sharing days before, during, and after such a tragedy.

  13. So my friend on facebook saw all of my posts and consequently started to follow you as a result. Then her friend from college saw that she liked “Orange for Owen” and contacted her saying that she actually knew you. Somehow on a regular basis we talk about you, Owen and the color orange. It’s good for us and theraputic to think postiive, warm thoughts. ~San Diego~

  14. Mel, that’s wonderful! So you know, my son wore orange on June 1 (and a few more times after that). I told him (though he’s too young to understand, only 17 months old) that he was wearing Orange for Owen.

    I’m in Malaysia, and that’s approximately over 9200 miles away. Owen has touched many. All over the world.

  15. One of the teachers in our school district saw my kiddos in their orange and immediately she said “How sweet…orange for Owen, right!” I think of him everytime I pull out an orange shirt or outfit. Your family is in our prayers!

  16. Sorry, the rest got lost. I am from Frankfurt,Germany and Orange for Owen is going all over the world. Hugs, Helga

  17. Your story has reached so far. I live in Lenoir City TN, which is about 20 minutes south of Knoxville. I pray everyday for your family. And I admire your strength. !

  18. My husband’s favorite color is orange! I always cringed – thought it was too bright and not natural 😛 Because of Owen, I’ll smile a bit brighter when my husband puts it on!

  19. I dressed my son in orange in honor of Owen and I had a pediucre done, choosing an orange polish 🙂 Lots of and love and support for you here in Florida – home of the Orange afterall!

  20. I find myself seeking to add more orange to my wardrobe as well as my boys, in honor of your little angel. You are a true inspiration to all mothers, and I hope you find some comfort that you have touched so many lives, and that we are here to pray for your family.

    I hope that you continue to share the story of your little guy, and know that although I will likely never meet you or your family, you have made such a tremendous impact on how I view my role as a mother. God Bless your family, and know that he will speak to in small ways each day, whether it be a small orange flower that breaks through the crack in a sidewalk, a rainbow or a beautiful summer day after a rain, or a gentle breeze that calmly brushes across your face. He will always be with you. I wish you to have more smiles to come in your days ahead.

    L.Taylor – Crestwood, KY.

  21. There was orange for Owen over here in Sheffield, UK. Thought my little boy is too younf at 23 months to understand, he knew I was hugging him in his orange a little more closely that day. We’re thinking of you and your family all the way over here xx

  22. Put a pin in the map at Brampton Ontario Canada … We wear orange for Owen here too <3

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