7 Months Old

I had a Supermom’s meeting tonight.  We planned our July/Aug events.  What a great group of women … similar values & beliefs.  They sure did come into my life right in the nick of time!

Jaden hung out at my mom’s while I was at my meeting.  I swung by to pick him up … and was running pretty late.  We were already an hour passed bedtime and weren’t even home yet!  It took almost an hour to pack up, get in the car and head out.  There was the snack that he HAD to finish, the game he wasn’t done with yet, the joke he had to play … the list went on.

Finally we were in the car and on our way home — when disaster struck … Jaden forgot his “diamond coin.”  He begged me to turn around.  The world was imploding to this four-year old.  So I pulled a t-turn in the next driveway and headed back to my mom’s.  My sister greeted me to see what we forgot … I yelled out the window “Jaden forgot his diamond coin.”  She, puzzled like I was (what on earth was a “diamond coin”?), walked back into the house to find it.  Sounded pretty important.  Must have been something Jaden and my mom were playing with.  Yaya would know where it was.

She came out, giggling … want to know what a “diamond coin” is?  It’s a DIME coin!  Oh Jaden …

On another note, the triplets turned seven months old on Saturday!  As tradition stands, we had a photo shoot.




Both of them giggling and I had to cut off their heads … smooth


Logan was so giggly!  I couldn’t pick which picture I like best!


and now he’s a spaz


T-shirts were made by my sister, Rachael.  They were a baby shower gift.  Thank goodness I put them on now … they are almost grown out of them!

They were a set of three … can’t forget Owen

This is a classic Weston pose – holding onto his tootsies!


That would be Logan, sucking on Weston’s hand.  Weston just sits there and takes it … doesn’t phase him one bit.  I’m wondering when he’s going to punch him right in the nose … “that’s MY hand Logan, get your own!”

I liked this one because they are all cuddled up with the three stuffed animals.  It’s towards the end of the photo shoot where they aren’t finding me entertaining anymore.  “Mom are we done yet?”

There you have it … my 7 month old triplets and my out of control 4-year-old.

Tomorrow is the start of T-ball.  Jaden is SO excited.  The coach called today to let us know where they would be practicing.  He also told me that they have yellow shirts.  I told Jaden, but he is most concerned with what the team name is … he’s been hoping they would be called the Beavers.  Not sure where this comes from, but we go with it.

Peace & Love, Mel




  1. Beautiful boys. And I know that you want this to be an upbeat post…and it is…but my heart still breaks. It’s just not right that Owen isn’t wearing that onesie.

    • You’ve just described each day … trying to have a good time and enjoy my boys, but it’s just not right that Owen isn’t here. Even looking through the camera lens, I wished that there were three babies … not two.

      thank you for reading my story and for your comment.

  2. You’re triplets are just beautiful! It is so wonderful to read you have such a wonderful group of moms to support you, and that each day there are small pieces of all that is to look forward to in life. Big hugs to you and your family one day at a time.

  3. Mel,

    I love starting my day with your blogs! The boys are absolutely adorable! I love the onesies! I laughed out loud at the pictures with the boys and at Owen’s onesie. He will forever be a part of your family and part of each person’s life who has read your story. It brings comfort to those of us who mourn for you through your blog to know that you have great outlets like your family, friends, and super moms.
    Jaden is going to LOVE t-ball, I remember when my Godson started playing, it was the cutest thing ever! I love watching little kids try to do organized sports, the chaos could never be choreographed 🙂
    I hope that you enjoy the Southeastern Wisconsin sunshine we have today, it seems few and far between these days, but just maybe summer is really here now!


  4. my favorite pic is the tootsie pic! they are just to adorable!! and some of the begininng pics.. i could only imagine what that little giggle must sound like! :o)

  5. Oh how I love the pics! 7 months already 🙂 Good luck today Jaden — he will have so much fun!!!

  6. Those shirts are cute! I was wondering when I was looking through them if there was one for Owen pointing at both of them! My son Trevor just turned 6 months yesterday. U have a wonderful personality. Keep ur head up mama can’t wait to see tball pictures.

    • Morgan,
      I was reading your comment and my son turned 6 months yesterday too! small world 🙂

      • That’s cool. He was born at 12:59 pm in College Station Texas.

  7. Mel –

    Your blog is the first I read in the morning. Your posts are not only inspirational, but compassionate. Honestly, I think you should write your own book. You are so creative and honest. You speak directly from your heart, which is a major reason I read your blog. You inspire me to trust, love and believe that people are truly ‘good.’ I went to church on Sunday and prayed for little Owen. My son is learning his colors and for the first time (in church may I add) he yells out ‘Orange!!’ (color of the bus in his book). Little Owen surrounds you. Though I have never met you, I know that he is proud of his mommy and is watching over you. God Bless.

  8. Mel,
    I’ve been doing the same thing with my 4th, monthly photo shoots on my bed. I thought that the rule was less photos for each kid, but Ari has gotten the most so far. He was 10 months on the 29th. He was also early and spent a few weeks in the NICU. Maybe that’s why I’m doing so many pics, he seems more fragile than the others. Those onesies are adorable. So sorry for the empty onesie…I liked the one with the onsie above and between the boys, Owen watching from above. Big hugs, girl.

  9. Mel, I love reading your blog, we live in Elkhart, In. I so can relate to Jaden and the “diamond coin” recently my four year old and I were going through his piggy bank and he kept calling all the dimes “diamonds” love this age!! If I were you I would have been thinking “gosh, had i known it was a dime I would have pulled one out of my purse and said “look here it is!!” im horrible lol bust just given the situation bedtime and all haha. On another note I think of your sweet Owen often, yesterday I was searching through my little guys closet for a quick outfit and saw his “I love (heart)Mom” t-shirt from Target and thought of your little guys, I noticed you had them all in them for mothers day, I found it comforting that I had actually purchased it in a 6mo size even though he is still only 3mo. just cause the 3 mo. felt so small, but now I feel a connection with this shirt and your sweet Owen every time I look at it, knowing they were all made for target from the same pattern, and are the same size, and I feel honored I get to have one. Thank you for allowing us on your journey and know we will never forget your little Owen,

  10. WOW! i just checked out these pics again (needed a little giggle) :o) and your weston sure looks like jaden! to cute! that one with logan just totally cracking up makes me laugh out loud! great pics mel!

  11. I just came across your blog and have spent hours reading, my heart breaks for you! I am at a loss for words and can’t even begin to imagine what you and your family are going through. You sound SO strong in your posts, but I guess it’s like the saying says “When being strong is all you got” After Owen passed have you considered using monitors for the boys? Like the Angelcare or the SNUZA GO? I’m just curious…I use the Snuza cause I’m super paranoid and I have no idea how I will stop using it. My baby is 9 months old and it’s suppose to be worn up to 1 year. Thanks so much for sharing your blog and God bless you and your beautiful family.


  13. Beavers… In that last picture in your post, is that third stuffed animal a beaver? Sure looked like one! Wouldn’t that be an odd coincidence to your post 😀

    LOVED the onesies!! And how great that you stuck Owen’s in there. I’m diggin’ your giggly guy – he’s perfect.

    I found your blog the other day through someone else’s blog who lost a baby recently. While I’ve never suffered that misfortune, I find continued strength through women such as yourselves… who overcome such huge obstacles daily, and do it with such grace. I LOVE your faith.

    Please don’t stop writing… Too many of us are following now.

  14. Oh Mel!! Beautiful babies! There giggles must have been contagious! I’m still praying for you! Thinking of you day to day!

  15. Holy cow! 🙂 They are not only BIG compared to last month’s but they are super cute Melissa! 🙂 I also like to add, Weston looks so much like Owen and Jaden. More so then Logan. 🙂 Im also happy you got to meet a great group of moms! 🙂 Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures and hope Jaden have fun at his T-ball tomorrow! 🙂

  16. I too look forward to reading your posts each morning. Happy 7 mo birthday to Logan, Owen & Weston-your boys are so beautiful! It was so touching to see Owen’t onsie in there…just wish he was in it! Actually, I’m sure he was there in spirit to be with you and his brothers. Loved the pics 🙂

  17. Love all your photos! The boys are beautiful, and getting so big. Happy 7 months Logan, Owen, and Weston. You are always in our thoughts.

  18. just wanted to share this poem with you,Little Angels”

    When God calls little children to dwell with Him above
    We mortals sometime question the wisdom of His love.
    For no heartache compares with, the death of one small child
    …Who does so much to make our world, seem wonderful and mild.
    Perhaps God tires of calling the aged to his fold.
    So He picks a rosebud before it can grow old.
    God knows how much we need them, and so He takes but few
    To make the land of Heaven more beautiful to view.
    Believing this is difficult, still somehow we must try.
    The saddest word mankind knows will always be “Goodbye”
    So when a little child departs, we who are left behind,
    Must realize God loves children
    “Angels are hard to find”.

  19. I LOVE these little guys! Can’t believe they are 7 months already. Weston is a mini Jaden and Logan totally looks like you! Sweet Owen is always in our thoughts and hearts 🙂 Let’s plan a lunch or dinner soon (and maybe I can stop over first so I can see all the munchkins!). Hope Jaden has a blast at T-ball!

  20. Happy 7 months to your boys! I love the onesies, and that you included Owen. We have similar ones that mine wore at 6 months. I’m happy that you have a “supermom’s” group, such a fitting name – you truly are one.

  21. Have I told you yet that your Jaden looks SO MUCH like my Isaac (check out the pics on this post http://fourboysonegirl.blogspot.com/2011/05/mothers-day-2011.html)? And my little Isaac is a money hoarder. Maybe it’s the age. I love Jaden’s “diamond” coin comment. So classic. I hope he has an awesome time in T-ball. So fun!

    Your triplets are so beautiful! Their little smiles make me so happy.

    You could always try framing a picture of Owen and have the other boys hold it when you take pictures each month (like they did here http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-7dqX9qoMpG4/TboLVwTcwuI/AAAAAAAAIFE/fgVn_wPDyhU/s400/220114_10150175491472591_788207590_6814277_6023204_o.jpg). Just a thought.

    I’m glad to read a smile in your voice. That makes me happy too.

    We are continually praying for your little family.

  22. Mel your boys are soooooo adorable.I love the onesies and that you included Owen.Always in our hearts and never ever forgotten!!!!

  23. You little boys are so absolutely adorable. Your days are different, for sure. And, it’s true, people grieve in different ways and men and women are so different. I remember being jealous after I lost my twins (first trimester miscarriage this past February), that my husband was seemingly easily able to compartmentalize the loss and move on with things in a short amount of time. We ended up arguing one day when he was irritated with me for crying while putting away the cards that were sent and the ultrasound pics. This was the only physical evidence I had that my babies even existed. He made the comment, “Why do you do things that will upset you?” After we worked through our frustration with one another, it turns out that he so badly wanted to fix things for me, but he couldn’t. He felt so helpless. The only thing that made sense to him was to try to have as normal of a life as possible, every day, and not “dwell” on things too much.

    I am so sad for the loss of Owen. I wish you peace and strength. I wish you the love and the courage needed to pull through this. Thinking of you.

  24. Your boys are so precious! If there are any photo contests in your area, you should enter the 5th picture. Their expressions are perfect for their shirts that are so adorable!

  25. There it is. . . the Gift of Owen. Do you see it as I do?

    When you turned around tonight, already late, already tired, you turned around to get the “Diamond Coin” because you now value your son’s emotions more than you would have before. Not that you wouldn’t have turned around before, but you might not have. You might have thought “Oh, he’ll get over it.”

    But instead, because of the Gift of Owen, you T-turned and went back for the “Diamond Coin.” And you saved your little boy’s world.

    Since learning of Owen, I do this with my own son. When something is terribly important to him, I don’t brush it off any more. Even if it’s inconvenient, if it’s important to him, I make it happen. Because I realize that all of the so-called “important” things to me. . . aren’t really that important.

    It’s the Gift of Owen.

    God bless you.

  26. I’m new to this but reading your story really touched my heart. You have some beautiful babies. Treasure them as you do and never forget all that you had. Life is full of mysteries and surprises. Just wanted to say your story touched my heart and I look forward to reading more. Be Blessed.

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