Pizza Fundraiser Countdown

Only two more days until the fundraiser!  I’m getting really excited!  I’ve got orange coming out of my yin yang … orange sprinkles, orange ribbon, orange table cloths, orange melting chocolate, orange bracelets, orange shirts!

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions on the upcoming event, so I thought I’d try to answer as many of them here.

Q: Can I order frozen pizzas?  and how do I do that?

A: Yes!  Frozen pizza AND soup orders are available and welcomed!  Print the order form (below), fill it out and bring to Pizza Piccola on Sunday!  You’re pizza will be ready to be taken home!  You can pay for the pizza when you pick it up on Sunday, July 3.  You can also email your order to me at and it’ll be ready for you to pick up!

Owen Bissing – Frozen Pizza Fundraiser ORDER FORM

Q: Where is Pizzeria Piccola?

A:  I’m not exactly sure …  I’ve never actually been there 🙂

Here is a link to their website: Pizzeria Piccola

7606 W. State St.
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

From the East: Take I-94 West to the 68th St. exit – exit number 307A – towards 70th St. Stay straight to go onto W. O’Connor St. Turn right onto S. 70th St. Turn right onto US-18/W Bluemound Rd. Turn left onto N. 68th St. Turn left onto W. State St.

From the West: Take I-94 East to the US-45 N exit – exit number 305B. Take the Watertown Plank Rd exit – exit number 40 – towards Swan Blvd. Keep right at the fork in the ramp. W Watertown Plank Rd becomes Harwood Ave. Turn left onto WI-181/Harmonee Ave. Turn right onto N Menomonee River Pkwy. N Menomonee River Pkwy becomes W State St.

Just in case … here’s a picture of the front of the restaurant.  I don’t think you’ll miss us … we’ll be the ones in orange 🙂

Q: I can’t make the fundraiser but would really like a shirt, can I still get one?

A: Is the sky blue?  Of course you can still order a t-shirt!  I’ll be posting online ordering information on Monday, July 4th.  Happy Independence Day!  We placed our initial order and whatever we have left after the fundraiser will be available!  If the sale goes well, I’ll place re-orders … whatever it takes to paint the world orange!

Q: What sizes of shirts are available in?

A: We ordered Mens, Ladies, Youth and … drum roll please … onesies!  Sizes are broken down as follows:

  • Mens: S, M, L, XL
  • Ladies: S, M, L, XL
  • Youth: S, M, L
  • Onesies: 6 mo & 12 mo

Q: What do the shirts look like?

A: Here is the final design!  Orange shirts with white writing.

Am I missing any questions? Please let me know if I am. I’ll hunt down the answers for you 🙂 I’m really looking forward to celebrating Owen for the day. It’ll give me a good reason to talk about him the WHOLE day haha

A special thank you to my friends who put this all together!  I love you girls!

Love, Mel


  1. Woohoo! Can’t wait to order our shirts and onesies, since we are in Washington State and can’t attend the fundraiser. I’m sure it will be a great event.

  2. Yeah! Love the shirts, so glad there are onesies, too! Will have to order online also. I’m sure this event will be so successful! Many blessings to all of you! 🙂

  3. I’m so excited for the fundraiser! Soo excited for onesies!! How much are you selling the shirts for? Can we use a credit card, or cash/check only or cash only? Yeah yeah yeah can’t wait for Sunday!

  4. So excited for you and your fundraiser – and the onesies!

    Your little warrior must have been in Vienna, WV, today. Everywhere I looked I saw people wearing the brightest oranges today! Then, when I was in the ladies’ locker room at the YMCA after my daughter’s swim class, there was a little boy in there, about two, I heard his Mom calling him Owen, so I had to look up, and guess what color he was wearing? ORANGE! Bright orange! Definitely felt a little warrior angel’s presence today.

  5. I am from Georgia and ORANGE was what a customer had on this week…thought of Owen the whole time. Everytime I see someone or something in Orange, all I can think about is Owen…good, I mean GREAT, Luck with the fundraiser. I am praying for you, Mel.

  6. Me,
    I hope that this fundraiser is very very successful. Actually I know it will be. I’m so excited about u having these t-shirts. I love Owenge, the color of a warrior. thats awesome. U will have so much support this sunday. I’m glad that u are so excited about it. And defenitely a big yes on being able to talk about Owen the entire day. God bless u and your family.

  7. Cant wait to get shirts…We love Owenge in our house as we are huge UT fans! Now we get to celebrate your little warrior too!

  8. i cannot wait either!!!! I am looking forward to celebrating Owen with you and hoping to help you raise whatever funds are still needed for Owen! My boyfriend Thomas will be there supporting and munchin down on some pizza! :o) See you Sunday!

  9. I’m too far away to show up, sadly, but I’m at least ordering a t-shirt for me and a onesie for the little one! I love the design.

  10. I would LOVE to purchase a onesie in support of your family 🙂 What a great design and terrific fundraiser! It would have to be shipped though .. as we are in Florida. Let us know!

  11. I LOVE the t-shirt designs!! Can’t wait for the ordering information!!! It’s going to be a great day! I’m sad I live too far away to enjoy it with you, but I will enjoy being there with you in thought and reading your blog afterwards! 🙂

  12. Mel,
    Would love to see prices on the shirts. I have a family to outfit. And shipping for down here in Racine. Or maybe a pass down: Doug to Shawn to Aimee to me….

  13. Unfortunately, we won’t make the fund raiser- but would love to also celebrate Owen in Iowa. So we would love to place a shirt/onesie order. We will be thinking of you and your family on this special day!
    Sending hugs from Iowa!

  14. Wish I could be there! I will definitely be ordering a shirt! How fitting that Owen reapresents the color so well- it has always been one of my favorites!

  15. What a great idea!! I LOVE the t-shirts~
    What time on Sunday for frozen pizza pick-up??
    You are truly an inspiration!!!

  16. Orange has always been my favorite color, looking forward for having an amazing reason to purchase yet another orange shirt. And on a side note, as a graphic designer I just wanted to say that the design is perfect. Owenge will be known as the color of your little warrior!

  17. I am so sad, that I can’t make it to the fundraiser as I live in Houston, TX but I would LOVE TO order 3 shirts. Please let me know when that can be done!! Thanks!

    Prayers are with you and your family!

  18. Hi! I was wondering what the difference is between the mens shirts and the womens shirts? Also, are the youth shirts and the onesies also $10? I am from Altoona Pennsylvania and my mother, sister, and I have been following your blog. We tell everyone we know to read your story! We would all like to place an order…and possibly I may buy shirts for my 22month twin boys & my 9 week daughter! Hope all goes well for you and your family! You’re in our prayers!

    • Yep! Everything is $10 each … thought we’d make it easy! I’ll be posting pictures of the shirts so you’ll be able to tell better what the difference is. The mens is like a casual t-shirt and the womans is more ‘shirt’ like. I’m not sure if that really makes sense or not?

  19. We’ve been coming to Piccola for years, and always enjoy the community nights. Tonight was pure fluke that we were there, hamburgers were supposed to go on the grill, however if one of us suggests Piccola for dinner it doesn’t take much arm twisting. 🙂 I almost cried right there while waiting in line reading Owen’s story. If I could have gulped through the tears I would have hugged each and every one of you. In all of the community nights we have attended, your’s was by far the most organized and my daughter really enjoyed the s’more dessert. I tried a bite, it was delicious! Anyhow, I’m so very sorry for your loss, I didn’t even know your son, but I will never look at the color orange again and not think of your family. I wish for many blessings for you all.
    On a side note, have you found Heather Spohr’s blog yet? Or Matt Logelin? They both might be amazing sounding boards and resources to you.

  20. I literally looked at the t-shirt and what it said and burst into tears. Owenage is so perfect. Virtual hugs!

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