More T-shirt Information

I forgot some information on the t-shirts.  Let me know if you still have more questions!!

Q: How much are the t-shirts?

A: Owenge t-shirts are being sold for $10/each

Q: What kind of payment is being accepted?

A:  On the day of the fundraiser you can pay with check or cash.  When we start the online sale, it’ll be through  You’ll be able to send a check, money order or pay with paypal.   Just note that if you’d like to pay with a check when ordering online, the shirts won’t be shipped until the check has been received in the mail.

Note: If you are purchasing pizza, the restaurant takes cash or credit.

Q:  How much is shipping?

A: I’m going to say that shipping within the US will be $3.  If shipping internationally, I’ll have to look it up and get a quote.  We’ll make something work!

Starting to count down the hours … I’m hoping it’s a nice turnout.  I can sort of picture standing in front of the restaurant with my OWENGE shirt on, with no one inside.  haha

Love, Mel


  1. Mel,

    can you tell me the biggest shirt you can order? can you get them in 3X ? our oldest son is a college football player, he would need a 3 x ; )


    • right now we only have XL. I’ll have to look to see if the company makes 3XL … perhaps we can get you one when/if we place a reorder.

      • Awesome! Can’t wait to order a onesie. What sizes will they come in? I would need one for 18 months. What is the name of the Etsy shop?


  2. Wish I was closer, I’d be there with you. I don’t think you need to worry that no one will show up. There will be many of us there in spirit.

  3. Oh trust me- people will be there! I am sure it will be a huge success!!!!! The Knight crew won’t be there physically since we live in NY but we will be there in spirit. And DEFINITELY interested and excited about ordering some shirts!!!!!!!!

  4. dear mel,
    you will not be alone, guaranteed ! so excited for t shirts and hopefully other items, to show our support for your cause, owenge in altoona , pennsylvania !!!!!

  5. The gitters will be there. You won’t be alone, for sure. We can’t wait to learn more about your little warrior while eating pizza!! Yummy!

  6. Can’t wait to buy T-shirts!! We live in Canada and want to help you paint the world Owenge! Save 9 shirts for us!!

  7. We will hopefully be buying some t shirts from down here in Missouri! Normally we would be in WI this week with family, but are staying home this year 🙁 we would have made it for pizza if we were there!

  8. We will be buying 3 shirts! One for me, my husband, & our 6 month old son! With love from Florida!

  9. Can’t wait to get shirts! Braclets would be cool too! :). Cant wait for the sea of orange!

  10. just wanted to know when you will have them available online to order save me 1 for me and a onsie

  11. Whoop Whoop! It will be the first orange or should I say Owenge t-shirt I will ever own (yeah…the hair things). Can’t wait!

  12. We were there tonight, so glad we could be there to support your family and we love sporting our new Owenge shirts! We wear them proudly in Owen’s memory. Hope the turnout was fantastic!

  13. What an amazing day at the fundraiser to talk about Owen. I can’t wait to wear my shirt and tell others the story of your little warrior. Thank you for sharing your lives….you have touched many lives with Owen’s life.

  14. Would you be interested in sending me a shirt to canada? you can email me at I don’t know you but I feel your pain. I wish I could find something to do like this for my son…

  15. I am a t shirt screenprinter in Chicago, I would like to help. Let me know if you need bigger sizes, I can supply them.

    My cell is 708-205-0162

    thanks! And Always looking to help someone out. Good luck!

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