OWENGE T-Shirts Now Available Online

The time has come … the shirts are posted and ready to be purchased online!  Please feel free to message me if you have questions or are looking for a different size.  I’ll be refreshing and trying to keep up with the orders.  Of course I do have promises to Jaden to play some Lego Batman on the Wii tomorrow  🙂

Thank you all in advance for your continued support.  Let’s keep the OWENGE movement going … making more good out of something horrible.

Click HERE to order an Owenge t-shirt.

Love, Mel


    • Hi Kate, I listed a few as there is a small listing charge and I wasn’t sure how many would sell. check back in a little bit … I’ll work on getting some more posted!


  1. Hi! I’m also looking for kid’s small and ladies’ medium also. Hopefully more will be available?

  2. I have some questions about the sizing…not sure if I’d need children’s small or medium for my trio. I’m unable to email you with the link on Etsy…could you please email me at shamoma79@yahoo.com? Thanks

  3. I’m hoping you will be reordering! I’m looking for a woman’s extra large, 2 youth smalls and hopefully one that is equivalent to an 18 month size. 🙂

    • Amanda, I do have youth small (more will be posted later today). Would a mens large work for the ladies XL? I’m thinking we’ll need to do a few different sizes for onsies if we do order more. I’ll be sure to update the blog and facebook if we sell out and place an order for more. Thanks so much!

  4. It only shows a women’s small. are other women’s sizes available? and do they run big or small? thank you!

    • Ladies shirts are available in Small, Medium and Large. I’ll be posting more later today. I think they run pretty normal … maybe slightly on the smaller size?

  5. Mel, are there baby sizes/onsies? We would need 12 month equivalents probably for our girlies. I didn’t see any baby/toddler sizes on etsy – were none made that small? If not that’s okay, just thought I’d check since some of the comments on your last post talked about onsies!

  6. Can’t wait to buy them but need sizes not listed-looking for child’s 4T or small would probably work. Also a toddler 2T if you can get that size. And a ladies & mens XL.

  7. Hi….. I was wondering if there would be a ladies large available? Also my girls are in size 18 months and 3T….

    I’m a long time reader, but first time commenter. I can’t wait to get my OWENGE shirt to support you in Canton, Ohio.

  8. Hello,
    I’d love to purchase. I’m looking for onesies size 3mos or 6mos as well as a men’s medium. Will you be ordering more? Otherwise I will plan for the future and purchase 9mos :). Thanks and hope the event was a success this past weekend!

    You don’t have to respond directly, I’m sure you are very busy! I will just check back over the next few days. Thanks!

  9. Woman’s Med? If you’re sold out of all woman’s sizes that is a good thing! I’ll wait patiently for you to get more.

  10. definitely interested in buying one, probably in a Men’s small. Hoping you get more in in the future. Have you considered putting the blog’s address on it, or would that cost more?

  11. I would like to buy a womens medium, mens x-large, and two boys smalls. Are those all available… I only see infants and childrens… Thanks!! Hope the fundraiser went well! Also, have you considered making orange sweatshirts?

  12. Does anyone know what size would fit an 18 or 24 month old? Should I get a youth small? Will that be huge on them? I was hoping there would be 18 & 24 mo. onesies. I know my kids are getting too big for onesies but I just love the fact that it keeps their shirt tucked in and covers up their diaper in the back.

  13. Mel, It looks like the fundraiser went great. I would like to purchase a t-shirt as well, i will wait patiently till more are available. Owen must be smiling down on everyone. Especially mommy and daddy. You 2 are doing an amazing thing. God bless the whole Bissing Family. I hope to see pictures from the fundraiser soon, and I would also love to see new pics of the 3 beautiful little boys that have been keeping u going and so strong.

    • Thanks Jeanette — I’m uploading photos from the fundraiser as we speak! I’ve also posted all the tshirts left in stock to the etsy page. Let me know if you need anything else — thanks so much for your support!

      • Hi. I would like to order 2 size smalls for children. Am I to late??

  14. Let me know if you do a re-order. Looking specifically for a Ladies XL and/or a Men’s XL. Thanks much!!!

  15. Hi Mel,
    I’d love to purchase 3 onsies or Tshirts for my trio in Indianapolis, IN. I would need 18mo, and (2) 12 mo shirts or onsies. Will keep checking!

  16. I also would like to purchase two for my twins but I need a 12 month and 18 month! I will check back. Thanks!

  17. Mrs. Bissing, I have made something in honor and memory of your sweet Owen and am wondering how/if i can email it to you…I’m not supposed to put my email online but if you click on the “profiles.google.com” My profile has my email and if you could email me I’d love to give you the picture…

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