Jaden’s Birthday Extravaganza!

Jaden’s birthday was filled with fabulous-ness.  Chocolate cupcake for breakfast with presents.  Cars 2 movie with a friend.  I was sad when we invited a friend because I thought Jaden wouldn’t want to sit on my lap in the theater.  But he surprised me and curled right up in my arms.  I was beaming so bright I thought someone in the theater would ask me to turn it down.

During the movie Jaden spilled my soda on my lap.  Yep, right down my crotch.  He started yelling that it was cold and on his back.  After getting him taken care of; quiet and back in his seat.  I assessed the damage done to myself.  Khaki capris with Diet Mountain Dew.  I was SURE it was going to look like I peed my pants when we walked out of the theater.  I was SO lucky!  It had dried enough that no one could tell, but me.  It was still damp and cold to say the least.  Never a dull moment when Jaden is around 🙂

Then in the evening we had our first T-ball game.  That’s right … the Yellow ‘Beaver’ team played the Dark Blue team last night.  I’m not quite sure he got MVP status, but he did provide some quality entertainment!

Here is Jaden “playing” 3rd base.



Jaden “sitting” in line when his team is up to bat.



and he’s still playing with his hat in the out field …


This was a great “4 year olds are playing t-ball” moment.  Jaden is playing “pitcher.”  (Which requires him to stand on the pitcher’s mound while every kid hits the ball off of a tee.)  The child in blue was on first base after hitting the ball.  His team-mate is up to bat and hits the ball.  Jaden runs to get it … along with the runner on 1st base!  Pretty darn cute.



And because I’m “that mom” here’s a close up … he was playing hard!  No worries, there were no injuries.  He was just fine!

After the game Jaden got to choose if he wanted to go out for gelato.  (We found out during the 4th of July parade that he can have the fruit flavors of gelato!!) or if he wanted to play at the park.  He chose the park.  (I was a little bummed as I was looking forward to ice cream all day!)  When we got home he got to open his “big” gift from Doug and I.  An automatic nurf gun!

Ok … I HATE it when Jaden plays with guns, but Doug is really ok with it.  So I just say we aren’t allowed to play with ‘real’ looking type guns.  Yep we are “that” family on the block … we play with toy guns AND play video games 🙂

I think Jaden had fun on his birthday.  I hope we were able to make it extra special for him.  There were times of course that I missed Owen and wished that he was there to celebrate Jaden’s birthday.  I wished that Jaden didn’t have to carry the truth on his 5th birthday that his baby brother died.  He’s far too young to have to endure that kind of truth.  But was a part of the day … just like cupcakes were a part of breakfast.

This weekend is his family party.  Should be another great day!  Just hoping he doesn’t get too spoiled!!!

Love, Mel


  1. Yes, cupcakes (or a slice of cake) for breakfest is MUST on birhdays or the morning after!!! I though I was the only crazy mom that did that! But my mom did it for me and it was special…it’s like pumpkin pie for breakfest the day after Thanksgiving! (Another MUST!)

  2. ok cupcakes for BREAKFAST..you must be the best mommy ever!!! i love your pics and thank you for sharing such special moments…makes me recall my son’s tball career (ended quickly) too boring for him..lol he is now 22

  3. I love the pictures! Jaden’s future fiance (violet) will appreciate them someday when they are picking pictures out for their wedding montage! Sounds like it was a good day, you’re a great mom for wanting to take away the pain that Jaden feels – what you can do is comfort him when he needs it and it sounds like he does the same for you, glad you got your snuggle time, even if it was a bit damp. Enjoy the weekend and Jaden’s family party! I hope you get some ice cream with the cake this weekend…I prefer Culver’s (my favorite flavor is Campfire S’mores)

  4. Sounds like such a great day!! Starting with cupcakes for breakfast and ending the day with a T-Ball game. A Birthday to remember!!
    I too have a pop in the crotch story. Of course I was wearing white capris and it was Diet Pepsi. And where else would we have been but a restaurant! Needless to say I walked out of their wearing an apron.

  5. There is no such thing as spoiling too much on a birthday! Its a day that only comes once a year!! Happy Birthday Jaden:)


  7. My 4 year old played T ball this year. There were some “fun” moments. Like when the first person hit the ball during the first game. The entire batting team stormed the field. We already had our 17 players on the field so when you add another 12 from the opposing team…. You get unorganized chaos!!!

  8. Sounds like fun Mel…my 2 boys are 22 and 19 now. I never bought them guns, but boys will be boys and they improvised all the time; you know that to a young mind a little finger, empty paper towel roll, shoes, silverware, sticks, you name, it bcame a gun. So, I broke down and bought the toy guns. Guess what, they turned out to be exceptional young men who respect guns but don’t own a single one:-)

  9. So I read this posting while sitting in a meeting this morning (yeah, yeah, tisk-tisk) and it made me laugh out loud, which in turn made everyone in the room stare at me (awkward moment…) What great photos! Jayden has so much personality. Gee, I wonder where he gets that from!?!

  10. He is so dang handsome! What an awesome little boy.

    We are “that” family too…but, it’s inevitable with 4 boys. 🙂

    I FINALLY ordered my “owenge” T-Shirt. I ended up having to order a mens M instead of a Ladies L. Guess that’s what I get for procrastinating (In my defense, I was on vacation). Either way I will wear it with pride.

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