Jaden’s 5th Birthday

For Jaden’s party this year, we kept it small.  Just close family.  We had a blast though.  Doug’s parents came down from Green Bay.  My brother and sister were able to get off of work to join.  We were missing my dad though.  He’s traveling in Europe for business.  We remembered him while eating pistachios though … I don’t know I’d have any left if he had attended!  (love you dad!)

It was SO hot we spent most of the day inside and in our super cool basement.  (cool meant in both ways there haha)  I think the day is better told in pictures.

Here’s opening the first present!

Oh yea!!!  A Nintendo DS!  and it’s red!  As if he wasn’t already spoiled … he’s now officially spoiled!


Holy smokes Grandma from DePere (Doug’s mom) … Jaden now has the full Green Lantern collection.  Spoiled is a definitive yes now!


Is that Green Lantern or a green bird?  Funny story about the ring … that night when Jaden was in bed, I walked by his room to see a green glow coming from under his covers … someone sneaked his green ring into bed.  He would say “but the ring has chosen me!”  Apparently it’s a Green Lantern thing?


Ok I had to try the mask on.  This is one of those things I’m going to do when he’s 18 and totally embarrass him!  Looking forward to it …


Well I’m not the only other one to try on the mask.  Is the mask small or is Jake’s face extra large?

My mother in law … giving a few extra kisses to the boys.  You could tell every once in a while when someone would think about Owen … they usually grabbed a baby to hug/kiss.


The proud birthday boy with his special wheat, diary, milk, egg, soy free cake!  This took a lot of effort from the YaYa … three trips to a grocery store, begging for an exchange of some bad coconut milk from a closed specialty story, three layers turning into two … and a whole lot of love!  Only a very special YaYa would go through so much trouble.


Why not just take a bite out of your cake?  Not like anyone else is going to eat it!


Opps, one candle left … Jaden has a girlfriend!  Now which one is it?

Overall it was a nice day with family.  I seriously can’t believe I have a five year old though … where on earth did the time go?

Love, Mel


  1. What a cute cake!! Love it 🙂 Looks like Jaden had fun! Wearing your cute outfit from Sunday morning….You look so great in Orange 🙂

  2. I heard about your story and have been following your blog, I don’t know you at all. I noticed that the one candle that did not go out was orange, did anyone else notice this? He is watching down over you.

  3. 🙂 ( a smile for the orange candle!) and Mel, Jaden is such a doll!! i just want to eat him up! The pictures really tell it all! Im so glad his 5th bday was so special! ps i think your brothers face is just extra large, that mask look pretty good on you! :o) Again, Jaden is a doll!! He makes me that more anxious to have boys someday! (at which point ill be writing you non stop for advice!) :o)

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