Another Great Jaden Prayer

When putting Jaden to bed, he was in a goofy mood … to say the least.  I have to admit we forget to say our night time prayers more often than we remember … but tonight we remembered!

Jaden started … Dear God, thank you for my eyes.  Thank you for my family and friends and for air conditioning.  Give Owen a wedgie.  Thank you for my weiner.  Oh and God, don’t steal my DS.

A true boy’s priorities … his “parts” and video games.  sheesh ….

Love, Mel


  1. This is priceless. So, since my son is just a bit younger than Jaden, please tell me it’s normal that my almost 4 year old walks around holding his “parts” like they are going to fall off or something?! It drives me insane!

    • My son is 3 and I think he’s been doing that since he “discovered” they were there…I figure it’s just a boy thing since my older two boys did it too and the youngest at a year old is discovering his now too!

  2. oh mel,
    this is a great way to start a Monday morning! love love love it! i found myself back reading your blog yesterday and came across your other jaden stories…what a source of sunshine! You know Owen was giggling through that one!

  3. Oh my gosh, that boy is awesome! Can’t wait for my little boy to start coming up with his very own version of prayers. And already asking for wedgies for Owen, do they even give wedgies in heaven? Hmmmm, there’s one for the minister.

  4. I laughed at the weiner part…..only a boy would say that! Isn’t it funny that he still wants Owen to experience the things a little brother would have to go through, including wedgies! God Bless you and your family always

  5. Ha ha ha ha ha! That is the funniest prayer EVER! OH…and so true about their priorities. I swear! I can also vouch that those priorities don’t seem to change as they grow into men either. At least not in my experience. 😉

  6. Only from the mouth of a little 🙂 Made me smile on this dreaded Monday back to work!! Thanks for sharing Mel!

  7. Dear mel, really loved the post today ! I have twin grandsons who will be 2, aug 23, I can just see them doing the same thing ! They are quite the characters now. Love and prayers, sher

  8. Put a smile on my face. Same priorities here with three boys. Loved the wedgie part too. Little boys are so much fun…

  9. OMGoodness this made my day!!! Thanks for sharing. I am sure Owen was looking down giggling.
    xoxoxo as always!

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