Finally Heard from the Doctor!

So after what felt like 9,248 phone calls … “Can someone please call me with the results?  I know the boy’s doctor isn’t in today, but I really don’t want to have to wait through the weekend to know if they are ok or not,” the pediatrician who was on call for the weekend called me with the EKG results.  The boy’s tests came back normal.  No prolonged QT.  Nothing that looked concerning at all.  What a relief!

Yes, it brings up more of a question of what happened to Owen.  But you know what?  It doesn’t really truly matters to me.  I know some yearn and want to know the why … but we did the autopsy to get knowledge for the boys, not for our healing.  I mean if we did get an answer, that would be great.  But it’s not something I am searching for.

The Medical Examiner still sent out some frozen tissue for some DNA testing.  That takes about 6 weeks so we won’t hear anything from that for a long time.  It’s expensive, but not as much money as I thought it was going to be.  To test for 6 genes, it costs about $2,800.  I just want some good to come of it. Let us or the doctors learn something from all these tests that could prevent this from happening to another family.  I just pray for some good to keep coming from this.

When the good stops, I’m afraid I’ll stop.  At times, it’s the only thing that keeps me going.

Love, Mel


  1. Oh Mel, how my heart breaks for you. A similar thing happened with the death of my sister Terri. Everything took so long. If there is anything I can do to ease your suffering please let me know. I realize that your ache is so much different than mine. A child versus a sister it just a whole other world. I get that. However, it seems like the “red tape” that you are having to deal with is exactly the same that we had to deal with. So with that, maybe I can help in the questions that you so deserve to know the answers to. My heart is with you Mel. I ache for you.

  2. We wore our Owenge shirts today, and prayed you get that call. Thank goodness for good news. So happy the boys are healthy.

  3. I am SO glad you got your call. How nerve wracking. And…I’m so grateful, on your behalf, for the results. Whew!

    I think your approach is an good one. Do what you can with the information/money you have so then you can be assured that you have done all you can. And maybe help someone else in the process.

    Still waiting for my Owenge shirt. Can’t wait to wear it.

  4. Mel I am so happy that u finally got the call. I’m happy the boys are healthy. Always thinking of you. this morning on my way to work I saw a garden of orange flowers, wow did that make me think of Owen. God bless you all!

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